Tees & Coffees Collaborations

Sasha considers herself fortunate to have collaborated, worked with, and been recognized by the following companies/labels/initiatives:

  • Selkie and Niks
  • Pout App for Smartphones
  • The Toronto Maker Festival’s Electric Runway
  • Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water
  • Rox ‘N’ Bunny Online store
  • Oak + Fort
  • Her Campus Blogger Network
  • Fashion BNKR (Adelaide, Australia)
  • The Howling Pup
  • Cerine – Sterling Silver Jewellery
  • BeTrendly iPhone App
  • The Canadian Safe School Network
  • Two Wavy Magazine (released March 2016)
  • Sashion.ca
  • Foxy Originals Jewellery
  • Fawn x Fern Jewellery (Singapore)
  • 800 SQ FT (stoppable apartment based in Toronto)
  • The Peach Box (Australia)
  • Cadette Jewellery (Toronto-based)
  • iweartheheaddress (Vancouver)
  • Triangl Swimwear

And more to come!



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