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Sanibel Island Travel Diary

I have my own reasons for being a little skeptical with Florida at the moment (cough…Trump). However, despite the political chaos, Sanibel island seemed to be a peaceful retreat from all of that (minus the constant reminder that I was probably the only Asian on the island and the fact that 90% of the population is white and middle aged/retired). The beach is a common space for all! Here’s a little gallery of the trip I took this past Christmas break. Enjoy 🙂

Marble Trend

I first got my old phone case when I received my iPhone 6. It was Ted Baker, and white with a beautiful pink bird. Then I went to university. Then I experienced frosh week. I experienced what dropping your phone would do, not to the actual phone, but to the case. My beautiful white case turned a strange pinky brown, and before long I found the gross looks I got from people who saw my phone case rather redundant. I understand that this very much appears to be a first world problem. This is true. But then my old case began chipping, and I took matters into my own hands. Luckily, I discovered Paradise Amsterdam’s beautiful phone cases on the same day! And this is not a sponsored post! I bought this beautiful black marble case, and made sure that I got something black so it couldn’t get any blacker. Even if it did, it would look fab rather than nasty. The only problem is that now I want to order every single case from …

Café M

There’s this teeny little French Cafe on the corner of Pins and Saint Laurent that goes by the name of Cafe M. Adjusting back to regular, everyday hours has resulted in the need for coffee (which I had gone almost a month without…hence the lack of cafĂ© posts…) and I wanted to try places that were closer to the Plateau, Montreal’s hub for all things hip. It was so easy for me to adapt to the anglophone culture of Toronto, so I found myself strangely at a loss for words when I heard the barista’s friendly bonjour, [insert rapid French here]. I may not know much of the language, but I can certainly order coffee. I found myself stuttering back in English. How embarrassing! CafĂ© M has good coffee and flaky croissants, so they cover all of the basics. I kind of like their system of paying only when you leave, like most restaurants. That only works because the place is so small, with little sitting room. Cozy, but a bit cramped. Other than that, the …