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Hidden Jeans

If there’s a new denim label worth watching since Just Jeans USA, it’s definitely Hidden Jeans. I know summer is nearly over so these denim shorts seem like a questionable purchase, but I promise that Hidden Jeans’ fall products are worth a peep. Their denim is so soft and comfortable, and the prices are student-friendly. Check them out here.  

Sanibel Island Travel Diary

I have my own reasons for being a little skeptical with Florida at the moment (cough…Trump). However, despite the political chaos, Sanibel island seemed to be a peaceful retreat from all of that (minus the constant reminder that I was probably the only Asian on the island and the fact that 90% of the population is white and middle aged/retired). The beach is a common space for all! Here’s a little gallery of the trip I took this past Christmas break. Enjoy 🙂

Marble Trend

I first got my old phone case when I received my iPhone 6. It was Ted Baker, and white with a beautiful pink bird. Then I went to university. Then I experienced frosh week. I experienced what dropping your phone would do, not to the actual phone, but to the case. My beautiful white case turned a strange pinky brown, and before long I found the gross looks I got from people who saw my phone case rather redundant. I understand that this very much appears to be a first world problem. This is true. But then my old case began chipping, and I took matters into my own hands. Luckily, I discovered Paradise Amsterdam’s beautiful phone cases on the same day! And this is not a sponsored post! I bought this beautiful black marble case, and made sure that I got something black so it couldn’t get any blacker. Even if it did, it would look fab rather than nasty. The only problem is that now I want to order every single case from …