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Italy Travel Diary

what I got up to this past July…


Sasha x Ellie by Segev

I had the privilege of working with one of my favourite photographers and friend from high school, Segev Opher. He’s an unbelievably talented visual artist whose talents extend from the easel and illustrations to graphic design and photography. An eye for the urban jungle as a vast, sprawling, uncontrollable landscape, Segev’s photos (especially in this series) capture an grand, industrial downtown Toronto. Check out his work here, and his Instagram here and here. Here are some of my favourite pics from the shoot, wearing Brandy Melville

Le Chateau June Picks

This summer I’m in love with knit tanks, yellow shades, and wedge heels! I hated wedge heels until recently…it wasn’t until I was inspired by French trendsetters like Anne-Laure Mais (@adenorah) and the “Almost French” collection by Reformation that I started to change my mind. Who knew I could ever come around to espadrilles? This knit tank looks perfect with just about any high waisted denim. It’s longer than one would expect, but tucks away and is just baggy enough. I used a rope as a belt here (a slightly regrettable choice) only because I was frustrated with other belts I’ve owned. It’s a budget solution, in my opinion.   Once again, Le Chateau has anticipated my trend needs, all for a most reasonable price! Shop the look: top | shoes ($60!!)