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Get Un-Ready With Me: Four Step Cleansing with Lise Watier

From a young age, I had skincare and good facial hygiene drilled into me. I like to credit my Asian background for foregrounding good skin habits: try not to wear makeup, wash your face twice every day, and find a solid regimen that works for you. I hardly wear makeup in my outfit photos on Instagram, and after lots of feedback and messages, I’m sharing one of my favourite skincare regimes to achieve glowing and radiant skin. Lise Watier recently launched The Cleansers Collection – a four-step skincare routine developed in collaboration with a Korean skincare lab that offers fresh and innovative cleansing products. Concentrated with natural ingredients, they combine the power of nature with K Beauty expertise. I may not be Korean, but I know enough to understand that they have renowned beauty products and beautiful skin! Prioritizing skincare is so important to me, that this entire blog post is dedicated to this skincare regime to help everyone achieve glowing skin. It’s important to note that while I follow this full routine at least …

Sasha x Ellie by Segev

I had the privilege of working with one of my favourite photographers and friend from high school, Segev Opher. He’s an unbelievably talented visual artist whose talents extend from the easel and illustrations to graphic design and photography. An eye for the urban jungle as a vast, sprawling, uncontrollable landscape, Segev’s photos (especially in this series) capture an grand, industrial downtown Toronto. Check out his work here, and his Instagram here and here. Here are some of my favourite pics from the shoot, wearing Brandy Melville