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Sasha x Ellie by Segev

I had the privilege of working with one of my favourite photographers and friend from high school, Segev Opher. He’s an unbelievably talented visual artist whose talents extend from the easel and illustrations to graphic design and photography. An eye for the urban jungle as a vast, sprawling, uncontrollable landscape, Segev’s photos (especially in this series) capture an grand, industrial downtown Toronto. Check out his work here, and his Instagram here and here. Here are some of my favourite pics from the shoot, wearing Brandy Melville Advertisements

Marble Trend

I first got my old phone case when I received my iPhone 6. It was Ted Baker, and white with a beautiful pink bird. Then I went to university. Then I experienced frosh week. I experienced what dropping your phone would do, not to the actual phone, but to the case. My beautiful white case turned a strange pinky brown, and before long I found the gross looks I got from people who saw my phone case rather redundant. I understand that this very much appears to be a first world problem. This is true. But then my old case began chipping, and I took matters into my own hands. Luckily, I discovered Paradise Amsterdam’s beautiful phone cases on the same day! And this is not a sponsored post! I bought this beautiful black marble case, and made sure that I got something black so it couldn’t get any blacker. Even if it did, it would look fab rather than nasty. The only problem is that now I want to order every single case from …

To all my loves in the North…

Stay hopeful. Warm weather is coming! Just put last week’s snowfall in the back of your scarred memory… Here’s a little summery inspiration to get you through this week. Happy Monday! Yes, there is still reason to keep up your beach bod detox! Yes, beach season will be here soon! We’re just a little slow… If all else fails, I’ll pack my bags and head for the Golden Coast. Disclaimer: photos are NOT MINE. I found them on tumblr. Please contact me if you have any sources for any pictures.


This year for International Women’s Day, I joined Privé Suits pro-Women’s Rights campaign #Right2SuitUp. The clothing company reached out to over 750 influencers in 20 countries to project an important message regarding the fight for gender equality. Today, I’m celebrating my #Right2SuitUp. It’s been 40 years since women were officially accepted to wear business attire in public, something that I have been fortunate enough to take for granted in my lifetime. That something like this actually had to be “officially accepted” appals me, and I cannot fathom a time period, however recent, where I am not permitted to dress professionally and go to school or to work. What bothers me even more is that this remains a current issue. I am lucky enough to live in North America, where women have made significant progression in their fight for gender equality. While foundations that promote movements such as gender equality are something that I fully support and encourage, I believe that with the right mental attitude and the right message spread globally, there should not be a …

Stand Tall

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been restricted to wearing snow boots for the past month and spring is not in the foreseeable future. Maybe it’s because I purchase more shoes than I should (or at least would like to). Or maybe it’s the fact that pre-fall pictures are not enough and I can’t wait for the rush of Fall/Winter fashion weeks to begin. In either case, I’ve rounded up a slideshow of the shoes that have left my jaw dropped over the past few years. Enjoy.

It’s all in the bag

Every blogger babe needs a good bag. Or several. Besides the actual outfit, the bag is the glue that ties the whole look – and Instagram/blog post – together. Without it, this girl-on-the-go can’t possibly capture half the moments she manages to. The bag must fit the following requirements: It’s lightweight on its own: despite sculpted arms, a babe knows it’s not practical to carry double the weight she has to. It’s adaptable: it must go with 90% of her wardrobe. Bags are expensive, and the blogging life is not always as prosperous as it seems Unless it’s a Chanel bag, it doesn’t boast massive logos: the babe is not a walking advertisement. She trusts that you’ll have to tap on her Instagram post to view her tags and find out just where she got that gorgeous tote from It has to fit the essentials: camera, magazine, potentially a laptop too, and makeup to touch up before shoots of course… I got this bag over the holidays, in dire need of a “Blogger Bag”. It’s sleek, …

Holiday Inspiration: All that Glitters

Just a few Friday favourites that have me more than excited for the Christmas season. I’m loving those winter whites with a touch of shimmer, because who doesn’t love to embrace their inner child? We can turn whimsical shine into something more grown up with sophisticated skirts, beautiful braids, and some sparkling (literally) gin…Oh, and happy Hanukkah!   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!