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Replika Cafe

Yummy coffee, yummier baked goods (their pumpkin bread was beyond), and a little Turkish flair is what makes Replika such a hot spot for studying, meeting, or just grabbing coffee in general. It almost seems a little bare bones though. Nothing much characterizes the interior of the cafe, yet people flock to it and always manage to keep the place bustling. The walls are fairly plain (apart from shelves with bags of coffee on it), and the furniture isn’t anything ornate. They have beautiful cups with Middle Eastern patterns that are used sometimes for tea, but not everyone receives them. This is a cafe that I recommend solely for taste, not for ambiance. It has wonderful coffee, and a broad food menu for all meals of the day. Located conveniently in Montreal’s Plateau on Rachel, the crowd is hip and they keep coming. There’s a reason this place is always full. I recommend that you disregard the picture that doesn’t do this place justice and just go for the coffee itself. Advertisements

Leaves Cafe

Crappy iPhone shots aside, we need to talk about Leaves Cafe. It’s the cutest little nook that Ave de la Montagne has to offer, and when I say nook I mean to emphasize that this is no place for tons of space. Regardless, it makes the place all the more cozy and niche, a gem for those who actually know about it. Their espresso is strong! I can’t remember the last time I had a macchiato that had such a powerful flavour (granted, it was a double shot, but still). I was more than buzzed for the whole afternoon. The best part about this cafe is that it has eating-restriction-friendly options NOT just for food – they offer almond, soy, and coconut milk – a rarity in places other than L.A. and New York City. I ordered almond milk with my macchiato, which is something that I’ve had varied experiences with (a lot of cafes actually burn the milk…Dispatch). It tasted good, which I usually take as a positive sign. I had to try out their …

Baka Gallery Cafe

I was exploring the Bloor West Village and Kingsway area after showing up for work two hours early and lacking anything better to do. Close to Runnymede station, I found a beautiful art gallery and cafe called Baka. This place has thought of everything: their coffee menu was created by coffee celebrity Sam James, and they offer bakery goods as well as a food menu for those in the mood to dine restaurant style. Upstairs, they’ve created a large gallery/lounge space that’s designed to accommodate work, office meetings, congregations of multiple people… I was mostly in awe of the beautiful wooden tables that were scattered about the space. They were large, made of varnished planks of sawed trees. You know the ones I’m talking about. It exudes sophistication and delights coffee lovers and workaholics alike. They’re also available as an event space. Like I said: they have thought of everything. Check them out here

Sorry Coffee Co.

Let’s just take a minute to marvel at the magnificent colour scheme here: nothing appears more satisfying to me than the perfect blend of marble, black, white, and copper tones. It’s clean, contemporary, and looks so so so good with the fade filter on iPhoto. I know it’s blasphemous for me to order tea at a place like this, but I can assure you that the coffee is even more stellar than the green tea I had (which was very good). Sorry is one of those places that you either know or will have trouble finding. It’s just off of Cumberland in Yorkville, and it’s connected to Kit)(Ace on Bloor West. I’m 90% sure that the two are affiliated with each other (the copper interior says it all). It’s a read, relax, open-up-your-laptop-and-stay-a-while kind of nook. If only the clothes I had just purchased from another store didn’t keep setting off the alarm in the cafe (since it’s connected to a clothing store), then I would say it’s a very peaceful place. I mean most places …