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Uniqlo Knitwear

In paid collaboration with Uniqlo.

Turtleneck season calls for the cosiest knits. When you want a solid collection of good quality knits, I recommend Uniqlo. Yes, I was paid to try out sweaters. But I loved them so much that I went and bought more for myself. They’re staples.


This merino wool dress is perfect when paired with high leather boots and a good coat. The key is to layer; a knit dress alone threatens to scream “MATRONLY,” which isn’t usually the mood. I’ve showcased the dress styled with and without the coat so you can see the silhouette. Check out the dress and other colours available here.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetAttachment-11Attachment-12Attachment-9Attachment-8

This sweater I loved so much I have it in two different colours. I ordered them slightly oversized for a slouchier look (for this style I recommend going one size up), otherwise I feel that the silhouette will be too fitting. The material is such high quality; it is premium lambswool (don’t throw it in the wash!) and now on sale! Check it out here.


I’ve saved the best for last! This turtleneck is my absolute favourite. It goes with EVERYTHING and is the softest merino wool I’ve ever worn. The best part? It’s machine washable. That’s right. This is key. I bought it in more colours because I wear them so often and they’re so comfortable and easy to maintain. You can shop them here.

And that’s it! Uniqlo is my go-to for sweater season staples. Needless to say, I’m hooked.


Black Friday with Farfetch

This post is in collaboration with Farfetch and Stylinity.

I admire Farfetch for many reasons. Whenever I am searching for rare designer steals, or a trendy Danse Lente bag, I find it on Farfetch. They are an innovative technology platform that connects the luxury market worldwide. With a simple search I can compare so many products of the same type from different stores around the world. In other words, their selection is unparalleled.


I found this beautiful vintage Céline bag by chance while discovering Farfetch’s beautifully curated vintage section. With a simple click, my new [old] purse travelled all the way from a certified authentic consignment store in Shibuya, all the way to my door in Montreal in just three days.

See the bag (now sold) and other vintage items here


If there’s any time to buy a good luxury item (especially a good basic bag!) it’s on black Friday. Farfetch will have so many great designers in stock on sale, and we all know that never happens in the luxury market!Attachment-5

To make your life easier, I’ve included my favourite picks from Farfetch for you to shop this Black Friday. They have amazing shipping worldwide, and there’s no need to worry about duties – they’re already calculated in prices. And for the most important part – You can get an extra 20% off your sale purchase on Farfetch with the code here

click here to shop more looks you'll love at
click here to shop more looks you'll love at


Get Un-Ready With Me: Four Step Cleansing with Lise Watier

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From a young age, I had skincare and good facial hygiene drilled into me. I like to credit my Asian background for foregrounding good skin habits: try not to wear makeup, wash your face twice every day, and find a solid regimen that works for you. I hardly wear makeup in my outfit photos on Instagram, and after lots of feedback and messages, I’m sharing one of my favourite skincare regimes to achieve glowing and radiant skin.

Lise Watier recently launched The Cleansers Collection – a four-step skincare routine developed in collaboration with a Korean skincare lab that offers fresh and innovative cleansing products. Concentrated with natural ingredients, they combine the power of nature with K Beauty expertise. I may not be Korean, but I know enough to understand that they have renowned beauty products and beautiful skin! Prioritizing skincare is so important to me, that this entire blog post is dedicated to this skincare regime to help everyone achieve glowing skin.

It’s important to note that while I follow this full routine at least twice a week, exfoliating your skin is not necessary everyday.

Without further ado, here’s my four-step cleansing routine:

deep cleansing oil final

STEP ONE – Remove Makeup with the Deep Cleansing Oil

This Deep Cleansing Oil fuses the benefits of natural ingredients such as sweet almond (which helps to improve skin hydration), avocado (an amazing ingredient all-round, that contains regenerating properties), and coconut (another ingredient I swear by for hydrating and nourishing the skin). I’ve been hooked on oil cleansers for years, but I love the way this transforms into a milky consistency once you add water and begin working it over your skin. It dissolves impurities and prepares you for the next step of the cleansing routine without leaving any residue that makes your skin feel clogged or oily.

Lise Watier Deep Cleansing Oil

Cooling cream final

STEP TWO Cleanse with the Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser

I am in love with the cooling effect of this cleanser. It really does calm and balance your skin! An integral part of Korean skincare regimens is double cleansing, which involves cleaning your skin with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step cleans the surface of your skin, while the second step penetrates the pores to remove all hidden impurities and dirt. This provides a complete and more thorough cleanse that I noticed immediately from the first time I tried double cleansing. My skin felt instantly refreshed. Lise Watier’s Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser contains soothing oat ingredients paired with an unlikely hero: artichoke. Artichoke purifies your skin, believe it or not! This purification and two-step cleansing process gets you ready for the third part of the routine.

Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser

rose scrub final

STEP THREE – Exfoliate with the Gentle Rose Petal Scrub

This gentle rose petal scrub smells heavenly. It uses natural ingredients like sugar crystals and rose petals to make your skin luminous. It’s important to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to avoid layers of buildup from moisturizing, so completing this step a few times a week allows your skin to better absorb whatever serums/moisturizers you use after washing your face for a radiant and fresh-looking complexion.

Gental Rose Petal Scrub

Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner

STEP FOUR – Tone with the Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner

I love what rose does in terms of boosting my skin’s radiance, and this toner definitely delivers. I use either a cotton pad or my hands to apply liberally over my face, neck, and décolleté. You can even see the rose within the product! Rosia Gallica Extract and Allantoin provide vitality, radiance, and a soothing effect to my skin.

Soothing Rose Petal Toner

And there you have it! After these four steps, your skin is ready for moisturizing and will feel divine.

Use my code SASHA to qualify for free shipping on

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Lise Watier. All opinions are my own.

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Vintage Roundup: August 2018

I’ve done plenty of vintage/thrift shopping this month. As mid-August heat signals the onset of the end of summer months, I’ve decided to collect all my vintage looks in a single blog post. I received a number of questions following each post asking about my favourite vintage spots in both Toronto and Montreal. It’s either that or where did you get that? I love it! While I have yet to explore Montreal’s vintage scene (and I will!), I’ve been committed to the same few stores in Toronto for years. So for each piece pictured, I listed its corresponding store. Some of them aren’t even from Toronto. I shop all over. You’re welcome.

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-8

Yellow blazer (I’ve belted it into a dress): Act Two Boutique (Toronto)

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-2

Canary Yellow top: Mama Loves You Vintage (Toronto)

Denim skirt: Repurposed Levi’s jeans from Editorial Boutique (Montreal)

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-3

Terrycloth Polo jacket: Act Two Boutique (Toronto)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Gold Topper: Act Two Boutique (Toronto)

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-5

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Black Versace Blazer: Rewind (Toronto)

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-6

Emerald Saint Laurent blouse: Rewind (Toronto)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Polo white denim jacket: L Train vintage (NYC)

JPEG image-BF6E9A984441-1

Studded white jeans: Melrose Vintage Firenze (Florence, Italy)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

White crop: Melrose Vintage Firenze (Florence, Italy)

JPEG image-AAA981AD6C99-9

Snakeskin bag: Boutique Nadine (Florence, Italy)

JPEG image-BF6E9A984441-2

Vintage lace skirt: Act Two Boutique (Toronto)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

White Blazer: I found this at a blogger sale. Influencers/media figures do this all the freakin time.


On Film with Sammie Chan

My friend Sammie Chan is a lady of many talents, especially when it comes to film photography.

Recently we got together to shoot some looks in Toronto’s Cabbagetown, away from the common crowd of influencers shooting downtown. The historic neighbourhood is decidedly unchanged, with charming, old-fashioned houses and smaller restaurants. Here’s a few of my favourite pictures:


Dress: Aritzia (no longer available, similar/more lacey one here)


Blazer: Vintage Versace Collection, from Rewind Vintage. Similar ones here and here

Photography: Sammie Chan

Brands you need in your summer wardrobe

In Canada there’s no such thing as spring. We have snow in April, relentless wind, and endless, near freezing temperatures until we hit near the end of April and the beginning of May. We seem to be a month behind in terms of experiencing spring, but it’s almost as if we cancel it out entirely.

Shopping for a spring/summer wardrobe requires a lot more thought in Canada than our neighbours in the US. Do we really need certain items when the temperature goes from 0 to thirty degrees within the span of a month? Things get complicated all too quickly.

Having a transition wardrobe with a few staples that can mix in easily with both summer and winter clothing is essential, and Rue Stiic knows what’s up in their latest collection, “Golden State”. It mixes mini with midi dresses and jumpsuits. Overalls and loose pants. There’s a little something for every temperature, and the light, linen-like fabric is great for any weather condition. Especially when it gets hot. That’s when you can keep your long pants on the warmest days.

I styled a few of my favourite pieces from the collection just in time for the weather to warm up in Montreal (a few weeks after the launch, but better late than never!).

IMG_0488 2IMG_0484

These overalls are more on the warmer side, but they’re loose and super comfortable. Pair them with a lighter, more minimal top (bralette?) on a warm day.

They’re not sold out either! Most of the collection is selling super fast; shop these here.


This wrap skirt is one of my favourite pieces ever. I feel like I’m back in Italy! Unfortunately, it is sold out, but the collection contains multiple pieces with the same print: this dress is still available on Free People, and this top and dress are almost sold out!

Something about Rue Stiic has people racing to get their pieces. Check out the full collection here.

Photography: Katie Cung

Styling: Sasha Mei

This post was made possible courtesy of Rue Stiic.

Le Chateau April picks and a side of brunch

JPEG image-55DB3850A5A0-1

It’s April and I’ve got a leg out. I can finally wear something other than boots. Hopefully. Montreal seems to be in some prolonged winter.

I find my picks this month a little bit funny because I used to be completely against kitten heels. They felt stupid and I couldn’t walk in them because they felt almost like a flat shoe. I also had the most awkward perception of myself and couldn’t seem to work them.

Fast-forward about five years, and Dior’s “J’aDior” pumps have broken the Internet and many people’s wallets. In my wildest dreams I’d buy a little black pair, but that just may have to wait.

This red pair from Le Chateau’s Luxe will absolutely do. If you’ve followed my Le Chateau picks all year you’ll notice that for the past few months I’ve fallen for the Luxe collection and I’ll keep saying it every time. I get multiple people asking me where I got these shoes and they’ll be in complete disbelief when I say Le Chateau (and even greater disbelief when I tell them the price tag, which is amazing for the great quality of the shoe!)


Never felt more like a lady. But a fierce lady. That’s why I got these in red. There’s no point in submitting to generic nude shades.

Shop these babies here (non-suede version here)

On another note, I wore these shoes to a brunch for iDeal of Sweden last week (they were received very well). The event was at Maggie Oakes restaurant in the Hotel William Gary. It was a bit dark for pictures, and I wish they brought more food (when you’re an influencer that actually eats…), but what they did bring was delicious.


For 20% off your iDeal of Sweden purchase, use the code ‘SASHA20’ at checkout!

Get Summer-Ready Hair at Local B


Yesterday I had the opportunity to head back to Local B for a summer touch up. For those of you that follow my Instagram you’ll know that back in late February/early March, I dyed my hair for the first time and became absolutely hooked. I’m not about completely changing my hair colour; I’ll always be a brunette overall. However, winter seems to be never-ending here in Montreal (it’s snowing 4-5 times next week. I’m sorry.), and I’m looking to mix things up a bit. I’m bored. My look is bored.

So here we go.

This is what my hair looked like before. You can see the mocha ‘foilyage’ from my last visit (a specific type of hair dying technique that results in a super natural balayage). I love it and the way Véro dyed it without making my hair feel dry or damaged. However, I was feeling ready to update my look. I was joined by a group of other hair models at Local B in Montreal’s Outremont for a day of hair styling, dyeing, cutting with a super talented team of Montreal’s finest hairdressers.


Meet Vanee. This wonderful woman made her comeback yesterday after having a baby (and looking fabulous) to dye my hair a little more. There is no stylist at Local B that isn’t amazing, but I loved the way Vanee ended up dying my hair and putting in more highlights!

I went for a slightly lighter version of what I already had. Vanee used a balayage technique (we bonded over the 5012938 different names that change every year for “balayage”) by bleaching sections of my hair mixed with a Smartbond treatment by L’Oréal, followed with a toner. I would 100% recommend using Smartbond for any sort of intense hair-dyeing you may do! It protects your hair from the harmful effects of bleach, and the effect is seen mostly in the retention of your original, softer hair texture. I would hate to have dried out hair after I dye it.

This was the final result! A little lighter, and a little brighter. What’s interesting about toner treatments is that it lightens more when you wash your hair. So while the difference my not look drastic, with subsequent hair washes the difference will be more noticeable. I’ll  definitely be posting updates in my Instagram stories!


Vanee also styled my hair in different ways throughout the day, and my favourite was this messy ponytail look (see RAW image above). the scrunchy she used reminded me of prints from Céline, updating a middle school girl look to something utterly French and sophisticated.



These are the products we used in my hair for the ponytail:

  1. Shine Bright Taming Serum (before blow drying)
  2. Fullfyl (For texture and volume)
  3. Highlight Stylist (spray liberally for beach waves

All products are Pureology by L’Oréal.

Local B also stocks Amuse Society, so we styled their latest pieces with some other favourite items from Les Basics, a Bali/Montreal label.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Shaggy jacket from Les Basics


Look from Amuse Society


Look from Amuse Society


With @katiecung and @odessabeatty

And that’s it! I’m loving my new summer-ready hair. So honoured to have been a part of this amazing day. If you’re looking for a summer update, look no further than the experts at Local B. They’re offering 25% OFF contouring (a lighter version of balayage) until the end of April when you book with the code SPRINGCONTOURING. Click here for details.


Last day to shop REVOLVE’s Friends and Family Sale!

I’ve written a little about REVOLVE before, and how it is steadily making its way into the Canadian market. While discouraging for recent enthusiasm surrounding the movement to shop local, REVOLVE is bringing some our favourite west coast vibes to a place that really needs the optimism and brightness associated with 24/7/365 Californian sunshine (drought not included).

They’re giving 20% off your purchase when you email this link to invite your friends to the sale.

I’m personally loving this LPA bustier for Spring. It’s got a Chanel vibe, reminiscent of their SS18 show set under a waterfall. I styled it with straight legged jeans (my faves are from GRLFRND Denim (also available at REVOLVE) and a leather jacket or blazer. based off of prior styling, I’d say go for a blazer or something sleek. The tweed fabric is accentuated more by a sleek topper than something like a moto jacket, which has zippers and ornaments that distract from the pattern of the bustier. I’m loving this blazer (almost sold out!) from Alice + Olivia, and this Smythe jacket is similar to the one I’m wearing in my outfits.



Click on the image to enlarge!


Speaking of GRLFRND Denim, I’m loving this pair that I first got to style while I was on a trip to NYC. It’s since become a staple in my closet and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

I love styling it with a baggy sweater, boot heels, and a good belt. You can’t go wrong with a uniform like that


One thing I recommend about ordering these jeans is that you get them really true to size. I always get worried about ordering jeans online, and I end up ordering a size that ends up a little bigger than I would like. I would normally order a size 25, but I ordered a 26. GRLFRND jeans are meant to fit super tight at first, and they really stretch out within a few minutes of wearing them. I do need a belt to fit these, and love the baggy look, but if you see them on their sale page they do fit like a slim, straight jean. If there were ever an instance to trust your tape measure, this is it.

Image 2018-03-07 at 10.27 PMImage 2018-03-07 at 10.16 PMImage 2018-03-07 at 10.07 PMIMG_9559

All Canadian orders: don’t forget to shop the Friends + Family sale before it’s too late!!


Le Chateau March picks

It hasn’t quite been heels weather in Montreal, but that hasn’t stopped me from giving these cerulean slingbacks from Le Chateau a try. It was love at first sight, and I can’t get over the colour of them! They exude all things optimistic and spring, and brighten up any look. I like to style them with a pair of jeans and nice top with a leather blazer (seen in pics). Maybe CEO off-duty is the new trend? Either way, these pointy-toed pumps scream power and sophistication. In my humble opinion.



I should also state that if you’re not into the whole cerulean thing (and you obviously haven’t watched The Devil Wears Prada), then maybe hot pink is more up your alley. The shoes are available in three different colours for every type of shoe lover: hot pink, cerulean, and taupe (for the tonal-obsessed out there). If you want my opinion, I suggest going bold.

Shop the shoes here! Shoes fit true to size, and I’m 5’5″ wearing a size 38.