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Le Chateau LUXE

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Where have I been this past month? I’ve been freezing, hibernating, studying…denying the cold weather…

Now that we’re at the end of February we can start thinking about (hoping about?) Spring! I feel like I’ve worn the same pair of industrial winter boots for months now, and there’s nothing I like better than being able to switch it up to something with a little heel, without worrying about slipping. The noise heels make on the gravel (is it gravel, Montreal?) are a different story though. You can hear me walking from a mile away.

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Speaking of new shoes, my favourite affordable shoe brand has gone LUXE with an Italian-made collection of booties and heels, and I am in LOVE. Le Chateau is keeping up with the latest pointy toe trend, and it feels very Parisian. In Paris they can wear heels around now, so why can’t we?

Style these scrappy heels casually with a pair of jeans, or dress them up for a night out in a skirt and sweater. If it’s cold, pair it with a long coat. Easy.

Shop the shoes here (and they’re available in three different colours!)Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Bootie obsession: Le Chateau January picks

Shoes are hard in the winter, especially in Montreal. We jump at the rare chance to wear something other than industrial winter boots that just manage to keep our feet dry from the foot of snow on the ground. And we can’t forget the gravel. Salt? Rocks? The city scatters some mysterious, dark substance on the ground (presumably to preserve the paws of our pooches) that fails to serve the duty that salt sometimes manages in melting the often deceiving ice on the sidewalks that nobody shovels.

That was a mouthful.

Shoes are apparently political. Wearing nice ones don’t have to be.

VSCO Cam-1-1

VSCO Cam-1

These lace up booties from Le Chateau would have once been dangerously reminiscent of an extravagant, logo-bearing era of fashion. Coincidentally, that sort of style has reemerged, thus granting this era a positive, if not nostalgic connotation. I’ve styled them differently from any Juicy Couture tracksuit lover with a simple pair of straight legged jeans layered with a slip dress and a leather jacket. I’m blending decades together. It’s a thing. I can’t be considered vintage yet.

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This minimal white bag is also from Le Chateau, and it’s a fantastic piece (in addition to these boots) for transitioning from day to night looks. It looks great on a cafe table with lots of natural lighting, but looks even greater paired with a little black dress. The same goes for the lace-up boots.

Shop the boots here (now on sale!), and the bag here.

Josie by Natori: Up Your PJ Game

This season I’ve fallen in love with the cutest and super comfy intimates from Josie by Natori. Natori is a luxury designer brand, and their Josie line brings the same designer quality and comfort at a more accessible price point.

I love the lace detail on this bralette; the actual fabric lining is smaller and accentuates the gorgeous lace design that surrounds it. It’s extremely comfortable and not itchy at all (that’s usually the issue with lingerie, and quality = comfort without sacrificing looks).
My favourite part about this piece is that it makes for a really great going out top! I paired it with loose pants, boot heels, and a cropped jacket.

It also styles well with a pair of jeans and a smokey eye. 

What I’m trying to say is that lingerie is a broad category. Don’t confine it! Sometimes the pretty details deserve to be seen. Check out the Josie Bardot Satin Cami Bralette and the Josie Femme Shorts in my outfit, and discover the entire Josie by Natori collection here.

You can check out more here and take a 10% off with this Natori coupon code.

NA-KD Fashion Haul Part II

A while back I was asked to style a few new pieces from NA-KD’s upcoming collections. While you may have seen these pictures on Instagram, I never provided the links to shop these looks simply because they hadn’t been launched yet.

Like I said in my previous post featuring NA-KD Fashion, they’re having a sale that just never seems to end. Hopefully, it will continue forever. Discounts for all. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’ve spoken enough, and you’re probably begging me to stop. You came for shopping links and you found several paragraphs of rambling. So, without further ado:

  1. NA-KD x Hannalicious

Hanna Friberg is a Swedish fashion blogger. While I cannot understand her blog posts (one of the many setbacks of monolingualism, I’m afraid), I understand that I like her clothing. I may never acquire her golden blond tresses (and I shouldn’t), but I can acquire her style through the design collaborations she creates with NA-KD.

This dress fits somewhere in the office party sophistication category, but the satin suggests something a little more. I’ll leave that up to you, but you can shop this dress here.

There’s a lot of drama in these photos, but I can assure you that this top and bottoms is drama free. In fact, it feels like you’re wearing refined pyjamas. Make your New Year’s resolution a movement against sweatpants, and try these two pieces out instead. Shop the top and the bottoms. It’s available in a bunch of colours, if you think red drains you.


2) NA-KD’s own label

Fun Fact: Sequins can be casual. At least, I think this is the most casual they will ever get, in hoodie form. If you’re wondering about whether it’s itchy, it’s not. There’s a reallllllly soft lining on the inside that prevents all the sequins from attacking you with scratches. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider yourself as a walking disco ball and just how amazing that would be. You’re welcome. Shop it here. P.S. It’s on sale. And there’s matching pants.



I posted a preview of these pants on Instagram yesterday, and it came with positive reviews! These floral jacquard pants from LPA are my latest obsession from REVOLVE, and it’s not hard to see why! I got stopped by people while shooting this today, asking me where I got them (the sweetest, most well-dressed old lady in a fur coat and Chanel earrings was trying to understand when I talked about the concept of online shopping from REVOLVE).

So my last post with the h:ours top featured a longgggg rant about online shopping in Canada and how REVOLVE is now supporting their Canadian audience by making the process a bit less frustrating; I’m hoping this means that we can skip all of that, and move right on to the important stuff.


So, these pants.

They’re quite the statement.

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The silhouette is almost universally flattering: they’re high-waisted, with a wide, flared leg. Plus, they require heels, making you look extra tall. They style easily with everything, but I find that they look best on me with a tight fitting top. BALANCE.

More importantly, if you can’t get enough of this jacquard print, there’s also a matching blazer, dress, and strapless top.

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These pants transform from a day to night look instantly, just like the h:ours top from my previous post! Note: they even go extremely well together.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.

Shop the pants here. You’re welcome.

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#RevolveMe: My Favourite Pieces from Revolve

Revolve is huge.

I’ve admired this popular fashion megagiant since #RevolveInTheHamptons made the eyes of every mdicroinfluencer glitter with envy and longing. We’ve all followed since fashion icons such as Aimee Song, Camila Coelho, and Negin Mirsalehi, to name but a few, were donning brands such as Lovers and Friends, Majorelle, and Tularosa; names we had hardly heard of before, but Revolve was quick to enforce themselves as their main stockist.

What separated Revolve from many other online shopping destinations was that they cultivated a lifestyle that grasped the power of social media influencers in an interactive form. By providing an experience for social media influencers through parties in the Hamptons, getaways to exotic destinations, and capturing the whole thing through photographs to promote on their page, the Revolve lifestyle was branded. The Revolve lifestyle became a beacon to aspire to, and that is marketing genius, if you ask me.

What happened with Revolve in the U.S. is slowly making its way north to its neighbour, and that’s all of us here in Canada. We shop online with scrutiny and and a hint of reluctance; our government imposes annoying duties on all of our packages, and many international brands fail to recognize that we can end up paying nearly half the amount of our product’s value in taxes. The resulting effect on our knowledge of international brands is insidious: yes, it is vital that we support local brands and talent, but we can’t live in under a rock entirely.

Revolve does usually mark the value of their packages lower so that when they ship, you pay lower duty costs. I’ve paid $50 in duties from a company in the U.K. for a silk blend dress. Revolve is nothing like that, I can assure you. And they should be able to price match with other online retailers (I’m talking about Shopbop). If they say otherwise, I’d argue it and let me know how it goes. What I’m trying to say is that they’re making their way into the conscience of Canadian shoppers, and they’re doing it right this time.

Before we get to all the nice pictures my sister took, let’s talk about this top for a minute. It’s an H:ours top: an edgy, simplistic, and super hot label that’s perfect for parties. I’ve made this look a little more casual with high waisted jeans and a gold belt, but there’s a gorgeous matching pair of pants or a skirt that look amazing with it. The gold chains embellishing the sleeves and the back take this classic silhouette a step further.

Keep scrolling to shop this look!

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Like what you see? I’m wearing a size XS (for size comparisons). Shop this top here.

Brands to Watch: NA-KD Fashion

Merry Christmas! Wishing you a safe and happy holiday.

Over the past few months I’ve finally caught on with the huge following surrounding NA-KD Fashion, a Scandinavian version of Revolve in the US. I’ve posted a bunch of looks on Instagram after receiving some amazing pieces from the company. Just like Revolve, they feature a variety of designers and brands, such as Aeryne Paris, English Rose, Shein, Glamorous, and more. They do collaborations with bloggers and models such as Hannalicious and Vanessa Moe (re: Chrissy Teigen x Revolve). They have about 4 in-house clothing lines that are super trendy and affordable. It’s become one of my go-to sites for online shopping!

My first NA-KD haul was almost two months ago, so many of the pieces are now on sale! Since everyone loves a good sale, I’ve done all the dirty work and scouted each piece I styled for you with links to shop. They’re also having a huuuuge holiday sale going on right now, so I would recommend checking that out as well!

This tuxedo top is everything I need in a shirt. Or half a shirt. For days when a button down is just too much coverage, this shirt has you (un)covered, in the most tasteful way possible. It goes with everything, and is the perfect top for a day to night transition. Shop it here ON SALE!

The sleeves on this sweater are everything. Bite your nails? Rough hands? No problem. I feel like practical issues can be addressed with this one. It’s one of those heightened staples, if you know what I mean, and it’s also on sale and comes in three different colours. Shop it here!

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I can’t get over the snake on these jeans or the inverse asymmetrical hemline. They’re on sale for a ridiculous third of the original price, so they’re mostly sold out (but the size I got is still available! However, I love this pair, this pair, and this pair of jeans. NA-KD’s in house brand fits a little larger, so I wouldn’t size up or accommodate for any potential tightness. If anything, I wish I got one size down!

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I think my favourite thing about NA-KD is their shoe collection. It’s as vast and comparable in so many ways to Zara. These babies are also available in HOT PINK and BLACK. I want them all. They aren’t on sale, but they’re under $100! Shop them here.

Check back soon for shopping links on my second NA-KD fashion haul!


Happy holidays!! I know I’m pushing it close to Christmas, but consider it potential for an extra little gift from me to you.

GIGIMEY is a customizable jewellery company that lets you personalize your own gold-plated/sterling silver jewellery piece with symbols of your choice! I got an ‘S’ on one side and a little sun on the other side (pictured), and I absolutely love my necklace because it’s reflective of my personality. You can have the same experience that I had in choosing a piece of jewellery, its length, and what is on it because I’m giving away ONE GIGIMEY piece to make your own!! You’re welcome! Keep scrolling to find out how to enter the giveaway:

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Here are the giveaway entry rules:

  1. Follow me on Instagram (sasha.mei)
  2. Follow GIGIMEY on Instagram (we’ll be checking!)
  3. Comment your favourite holiday song (or any song) on my Instagram picture featuring this necklace (to let me know that you’re done!)

Winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve! Good luck 🙂

Le Chateau December Haul

Now that final exam season is over, expect a flood of updates about what I’ve been up to these past few months (I know, months).

I meant to post these finds from Le Chateau weeks ago, but due to the fact that I’ve barely left my apartment for two weeks and the fact that I’ve been travelling back to Toronto for a bit, I’m only getting around to it now.

Bear with me. It gets better.

In the time that I actually did leave the house I wore this amazing hat from Le Chateau that I just can’t take off. You’ve definitely seen this trend before: it’s the poor boy cap that Brixton has popularized to a majority of the model/influencer population, and I’ve hopped on the bandwagon with this Canadian-designed version. This hat has made multiple appearances in some of my favourite looks from this month:

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At just $20, this accessory is a steal. Shop it by clicking here!

Additionally, I found this cozy sweater with wrist tie details that goes with everything. A classic look includes pairing this knit with the hat and black jeans, and you’re good for a day out (you can also see a close up in the featured image):

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Love the details? Shop it here.


Le Chateau November Picks

I can’t believe I almost let two weeks fly without publishing anything. However, this month was probably my favourite as a Le Chateau ambassador. I picked some AMAZING items for November, and couldn’t be more excited to share them with you here! You may have already seen them on my Instagram, but here I include links to shop the pieces. Get ’em before they’re gone!

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The first piece is this textured grey knit, which is so soft I could be wearing a cloud. It also has a wrap look and an open neck. I find it looks best with a little white bralette peaking through, or with a long pendant necklace. I also find that this sweater is perfect for tucking into pants. I can’t stand the bunch around my waist/hips that results from tucking baggy knits into jeans, and sometimes I just can’t let the sweaters hang! The bottom of this sweater is a tighter, more fitted knit than the top, and fits snugly into any jeans without the appearance of ugly lines. I also love the blush tone that this sweater is available in (it comes in FOUR colours!). Shop it here.

How amazing are these pants? I’m seeing a little bit of a contemporary trend in Le Chateau’s fall collection. These elevated joggers are essential, especially as the weather gets colder. First of all, it’s like you’re wearing sweatpants. They’re so comfortable, and sit at the perfect waist height. Second of all, you’re not wearing sweatpants. They’re a more crepe-y fabric without the coldness that comes with crepe fabric because it’s knit-crepe, so your pins will stay cozy. How convenient, Montreal brands knowing how to design for Montreal weather? Shop them here.