Sasha Huebener had horrible taste in clothing until she had an epiphany around March of 2014. This was also around the time in which she began to love coffee, deciding that hunting around for a good cappuccino was one of her favourite social activities. You could classify her as a social drinker, I guess.

Now, Sasha has dedicated herself to sharing the gradual evolution in her closet, her lifestyle, the many cafes, brunch spots, and boutiques she encounters, and her love of culture. That’s what this blog is for. And with the birth of Tees & Coffee came an astounding positive response from readers and Instagram followers alike. Sasha has had the honour of working with many different companies and labels in testing certain products, and encouraging her followers to do the same. For a list of companies she has worked with, click here. Since August 2015, she has become a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network, a privilege she feels most lucky for. With this opportunity she has found motivation to balance a busy lifestyle consisting of studies, fashion, good coffee, and blogging. Enjoy.



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