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Get Un-Ready With Me: Four Step Cleansing with Lise Watier

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From a young age, I had skincare and good facial hygiene drilled into me. I like to credit my Asian background for foregrounding good skin habits: try not to wear makeup, wash your face twice every day, and find a solid regimen that works for you. I hardly wear makeup in my outfit photos on Instagram, and after lots of feedback and messages, I’m sharing one of my favourite skincare regimes to achieve glowing and radiant skin.

Lise Watier recently launched The Cleansers Collection – a four-step skincare routine developed in collaboration with a Korean skincare lab that offers fresh and innovative cleansing products. Concentrated with natural ingredients, they combine the power of nature with K Beauty expertise. I may not be Korean, but I know enough to understand that they have renowned beauty products and beautiful skin! Prioritizing skincare is so important to me, that this entire blog post is dedicated to this skincare regime to help everyone achieve glowing skin.

It’s important to note that while I follow this full routine at least twice a week, exfoliating your skin is not necessary everyday.

Without further ado, here’s my four-step cleansing routine:

deep cleansing oil final

STEP ONE – Remove Makeup with the Deep Cleansing Oil

This Deep Cleansing Oil fuses the benefits of natural ingredients such as sweet almond (which helps to improve skin hydration), avocado (an amazing ingredient all-round, that contains regenerating properties), and coconut (another ingredient I swear by for hydrating and nourishing the skin). I’ve been hooked on oil cleansers for years, but I love the way this transforms into a milky consistency once you add water and begin working it over your skin. It dissolves impurities and prepares you for the next step of the cleansing routine without leaving any residue that makes your skin feel clogged or oily.

Lise Watier Deep Cleansing Oil

Cooling cream final

STEP TWO Cleanse with the Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser

I am in love with the cooling effect of this cleanser. It really does calm and balance your skin! An integral part of Korean skincare regimens is double cleansing, which involves cleaning your skin with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step cleans the surface of your skin, while the second step penetrates the pores to remove all hidden impurities and dirt. This provides a complete and more thorough cleanse that I noticed immediately from the first time I tried double cleansing. My skin felt instantly refreshed. Lise Watier’s Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser contains soothing oat ingredients paired with an unlikely hero: artichoke. Artichoke purifies your skin, believe it or not! This purification and two-step cleansing process gets you ready for the third part of the routine.

Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser

rose scrub final

STEP THREE – Exfoliate with the Gentle Rose Petal Scrub

This gentle rose petal scrub smells heavenly. It uses natural ingredients like sugar crystals and rose petals to make your skin luminous. It’s important to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to avoid layers of buildup from moisturizing, so completing this step a few times a week allows your skin to better absorb whatever serums/moisturizers you use after washing your face for a radiant and fresh-looking complexion.

Gental Rose Petal Scrub

Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner

STEP FOUR – Tone with the Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner

I love what rose does in terms of boosting my skin’s radiance, and this toner definitely delivers. I use either a cotton pad or my hands to apply liberally over my face, neck, and décolleté. You can even see the rose within the product! Rosia Gallica Extract and Allantoin provide vitality, radiance, and a soothing effect to my skin.

Soothing Rose Petal Toner

And there you have it! After these four steps, your skin is ready for moisturizing and will feel divine.

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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Lise Watier. All opinions are my own.

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