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Brands you need in your summer wardrobe

In Canada there’s no such thing as spring. We have snow in April, relentless wind, and endless, near freezing temperatures until we hit near the end of April and the beginning of May. We seem to be a month behind in terms of experiencing spring, but it’s almost as if we cancel it out entirely.

Shopping for a spring/summer wardrobe requires a lot more thought in Canada than our neighbours in the US. Do we really need certain items when the temperature goes from 0 to thirty degrees within the span of a month? Things get complicated all too quickly.

Having a transition wardrobe with a few staples that can mix in easily with both summer and winter clothing is essential, and Rue Stiic knows what’s up in their latest collection, “Golden State”. It mixes mini with midi dresses and jumpsuits. Overalls and loose pants. There’s a little something for every temperature, and the light, linen-like fabric is great for any weather condition. Especially when it gets hot. That’s when you can keep your long pants on the warmest days.

I styled a few of my favourite pieces from the collection just in time for the weather to warm up in Montreal (a few weeks after the launch, but better late than never!).

IMG_0488 2IMG_0484

These overalls are more on the warmer side, but they’re loose and super comfortable. Pair them with a lighter, more minimal top (bralette?) on a warm day.

They’re not sold out either! Most of the collection is selling super fast; shop these here.


This wrap skirt is one of my favourite pieces ever. I feel like I’m back in Italy! Unfortunately, it is sold out, but the collection contains multiple pieces with the same print: this dress is still available on Free People, and this top and dress are almost sold out!

Something about Rue Stiic has people racing to get their pieces. Check out the full collection here.

Photography: Katie Cung

Styling: Sasha Mei

This post was made possible courtesy of Rue Stiic.


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