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NA-KD Fashion Haul Part II

A while back I was asked to style a few new pieces from NA-KD’s upcoming collections. While you may have seen these pictures on Instagram, I never provided the links to shop these looks simply because they hadn’t been launched yet.

Like I said in my previous post featuring NA-KD Fashion, they’re having a sale that just never seems to end. Hopefully, it will continue forever. Discounts for all. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’ve spoken enough, and you’re probably begging me to stop. You came for shopping links and you found several paragraphs of rambling. So, without further ado:

  1. NA-KD x Hannalicious

Hanna Friberg is a Swedish fashion blogger. While I cannot understand her blog posts (one of the many setbacks of monolingualism, I’m afraid), I understand that I like her clothing. I may never acquire her golden blond tresses (and I shouldn’t), but I can acquire her style through the design collaborations she creates with NA-KD.

This dress fits somewhere in the office party sophistication category, but the satin suggests something a little more. I’ll leave that up to you, but you can shop this dress here.

There’s a lot of drama in these photos, but I can assure you that this top and bottoms is drama free. In fact, it feels like you’re wearing refined pyjamas. Make your New Year’s resolution a movement against sweatpants, and try these two pieces out instead. Shop the top and the bottoms. It’s available in a bunch of colours, if you think red drains you.


2) NA-KD’s own label

Fun Fact: Sequins can be casual. At least, I think this is the most casual they will ever get, in hoodie form. If you’re wondering about whether it’s itchy, it’s not. There’s a reallllllly soft lining on the inside that prevents all the sequins from attacking you with scratches. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider yourself as a walking disco ball and just how amazing that would be. You’re welcome. Shop it here. P.S. It’s on sale. And there’s matching pants.

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