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June Swimwear

I’ve done collaborations with labels like Triangl, where I received amazing swimwear and could say, assuredly, that the product was great quality and fit well according to the size guide.

However, I’ve completely neglected the nightmare that is shipping anything international into Canada. There’s crazy protection laws that not only require the mark up of all foreign products by something crazy, anywhere between 10-50 percent, which results in a ridiculous price gap even on items taken for granted, like painkillers. Living in Canada is expensive. It’s supposed to protect local brands. Can anyone tell me a national pharmaceutical company that patented its own painkiller? I’m not an expert.

I can’t forget about the duties, either.

I bought a pair of sunglasses from Shevoke (before they became available in boutiques such as Zane in Toronto, and Editorial in Montreal), and the total cost became nearly twice as much as the original online price. That’s because I was charged nearly $30 in duties, $25 in international shipping (because even though we are on the same chunk of land as the U.S., anything shipped a little further north takes $15 more effort), and an AUS to US to CAD dollar conversion.

My point is, online shopping is messy in Canada.

Unless it’s within Canada.

Limits suck. However, I feel that paying so many extra fees for something like swimwear is so risky, because they’re usually unexchangeable or can’t be returned, and what if it doesn’t fit? There’s all these hygiene issues that make secondhand swimwear akin to used underwear. The sunglasses were a little bit different. I was obsessed, and the style looked great on me. People keep borrowing them too. If I didn’t like them, they’d be easy to re-sell.

Unfortunately, the variety of swimwear labels in Canada just doesn’t begin to compare to Australia and the U.S. We just don’t have enough summer. Finding a swimwear label with my aesthetic is difficult.

I’ve managed to round up a few:

June Swimwear

image: https://juneswimwear.com/blogs/journal/lookbook-april-2017

This is an earthy label that specializes in simple, wanderlust-inciting pieces that fit well and are made in Montreal. Shop here.




Tea You

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 11.51.13 PM

picture: instagram.com/tea_you

This label is just too good. It reminds me of La Hana swimwear, only way more affordable and free from all the messy duty costs that La Hana surprises its Canadian customers with. Bonus: they make clothing too!


Shop here.






Mimi & August

For a slightly more vintage vibe, Mimi & August is another Montreal-based company that’s got adorable prints and reasonable prices. Fruits, stripes, succulents, faded colours, cottage country…

Shop here.


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