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Brandy Melville Haul Pt. 1

It’s terrible – I feel like I’m fourteen again. Of course, that wasn’t actually that long ago, but for years I regretted the generic connotation I associated with all Brandy Melville clothing. It wasn’t my idea to reincarnate the brand within my wardrobe, I’ll admit. It was @vanellimelli. She mixes American west coast casual with girlish, Parisian taste, and it’s something I could hardly conceive as possible until recently.

So here I am wearing a dress.

Not the remainder of what’s left of the Vetements craze on the east coast, either (especially after Gvasalia snubbed Paris as a “creativity killer” in his move to distance Vetements shows from the city…not exactly a move that inspires support from sensitive Parisians, I’m guessing).

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I was set on buying a similar dress from Realisation Par a few months back. Then it occurred to me (again): I am a broke student on a budget. Not only did I gratefully accept this dress as a gift from my mother with good taste, I felt I couldn’t really promote something that I didn’t feel could reach my audience. And, to me, posting a $200+ simple black dress deserves an occasion. Especially when the dress pattern can be copied, but apparently I shouldn’t go into detail because fashion law now exists and I can’t get into any debate about stitch copyrights.

Aside: this opinion is likely to change when I acquire a full-time job.

Anyway, Brandy Melville seemed to solve all of my problems by pricing this dress at CAD$40. See, if you get past all of the MALIBU sweaters and overpriced jeans probably picked up from Value Village (I can literally find the same thing for $5 at a vintage store, yet this seems to be the only item in the store that strays from the “one size fits all” – or, most – concept that seems to turn so many people away from the store. Half their clothing is sweatpants and hoodies, anyway, but I understand both points of view), then you can find some pretty fun pieces from the store. This will hopefully be further substantiated in my later Brandy haul posts.

All rambling aside, you can shop the dress here


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  1. Nice post! I keep thinking I’m gong to outgrow this brand since I’ve been wearing since 12 but I still find comfy staple pieces there.


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