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April picks from Le Chateau

This dress from Le Chateau is absolutely stunning, and with the weather finally warming up here in the Northern hemisphere, it’s about time to put away those coats and start baring those (potentially very paled) legs for summer. This floral dresses perfect for that in-between weather that’s not quite warm enough for your summer clothes, and not cold enough to make you want to put pants on. I’m talking about the two weeks of spring that we have in Montreal.


This dress is also versatile for any occasion. Dress it up with heels for a nice dinner, or do as I did and simply pair it with sneakers and a leather jacket for a laid back look. What I also love about maxi dresses (but didn’t photograph for this post) is that you can layer a sweater over them (for when it’s a little bit chillier and your brain says “don’t get sick”, but your heart says “spring!”) and the dress becomes a DIY skirt.


I was eyeing a dress from The Reformation a while back that looked exactly like this. If you’ve religiously followed The Reformation from the start, you’ll know that this is one of the classic wrap dress styles that made them big.

However, I am also a student on a budget, and like it when I don’t cringe every time I pay my credit card bill.

This quality of this dress is wonderful (sustainably made in Canada, as most of Le Chateau’s higher end pieces are!), practically equal to that of The Reformation.


IMG_0558.jpgDefinitely going to have to bring this dress with me on my travels this summer. Something about wearing a giant sunhat with this while wandering a market in Europe sounds terribly appealing.

Romantic antics aside, I’ve got you covered. Shop this look here


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