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Le Chateau February Haul

Halloo again I’ve been hibernating for the month of February! Nothing better than studying all day and trying to get that degree right? Some things (unfortunately, this blog) have to be saved for a rainy [exam-less] day.

I’m excited to announce that I’m now an ambassador for Le Chateau, which means I’ll be showing you my top picks from their latest collections each month. So much to get excited about!

February is a difficult month to shop for. Let’s start with the weather…one week it’s above freezing and we all think that wearing shorts and a t-shirt is a fantastic idea, but then the next week it’s back to below freezing temperatures. I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WIN.

This is where layering staples and long pants come to the fore, and that’s exactly what I chose to feature this month.


Let’s start with these pinstripe pants. I almost missed them in the store. I was looking for something baggy and pinstriped but didn’t want anything to scream “office lady”. Be a boss lady, not a stereotypical suit lady. I saw a picture on @_yanyanchan’s Instagram where she wore baggy work trousers with a t-shirt. Very modern day Annie Hall. I was obsessed. So after trying these pants, I knew I had to try the look out for myself. Obviously, I don’t have $800 to drop on a vintage Gucci t-shirt à la Yan Yan, but I think an oversized logo t-shirt or band tee will suffice. This one’s from the Florence + the Machine concert. I got so many compliments from people who didn’t think that a piece of clothing generally worn as formal could be made street cool!

This look goes best with sneakers. Invest in tailoring if you’re below 5’7″ (like me).


Now let’s talk about this bomber jacket. I fell in love with the embroidery detail.

Satin bombers seem to be such an urban girl go-to, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re so sleek and always seem to go with absolutely everything. And the little flowers have me ready for spring (not that I wasn’t ready for spring when winter started…)

Shop the pants here | shop the jacket here

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