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Working on neck posture?







Photography: Kat Garcia

Ignore the salt stains on my shoes. They’re due for a cleaning. Here, I’m seeking to present street style in a nearly authentic form, so let me just justify the dirty shoes with the grounding statement that I actually walked to the shoot location! That’s right. Usually when I take outfit photos it’s of what I’m wearing that day, in that moment. No fancy makeup, no on-set stylist, no director. Just some friends and I documenting something that may never be repeated (this outfit, I mean, which is a bit of a boujee statement to make. For the sake of fashion, let’s do what they call ‘rolling with it’).

Besides, my shoes aren’t even the focus of this post. See that giant, suede fabric on my neck? That’s a hickey concealer! Just kidding. It’s actually the result of a collaboration between Free People and Ettika Jewellery, an L.A.-based boho accessory company that always has stunning pieces for free-minded souls. Since Montreal is really no sunny L.A. at the moment, I’m styling this piece in a more urban, wintry way. A lot of my favourite jewellery is from Ettika, and it’s the perfect place to get trendy, affordable, good quality pieces. And the variety to choose from is so so so overwhelming in the best way possible. This choker is only available at Free People and, but I highly recommend checking out Ettika’s site┬áin general. Especially with Coachella coming up!

Shop the choker here (now on sale!)


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