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A brief interlude from all the tropical photos for some wintry outfits



Photography: Alissa Zilber

Extra! Extra! Despite the abundance of beachy photos I’ve been posting as of late, it’s really quite cold here in Montreal. So I’m braving the cold to present what I’m wearing to you. Hopefully you like it. Maybe you’ll be inspired by it. Whatever.

In this look I wore cropped jeans, but managed to avoid bitterly numb ankles by dorkily pulling up my socks beyond socially acceptable heights. I was inspired by my late grandfather once showing me some beige-y socks that reached an unconventional level of his mid calf and proceeded to stay there (and not slip!). This one’s for you Grandpa Huebener.

Speaking of paternal lineage, I also took this sweater from my father. My mother knitted it with utmost tender loving care, but in today’s consumer society, full grown men seem to outgrow things! Joke, joke, don’t kill me. I wanted the sweater anyway.

For the sake of ensuring my parents’ continual love, let’s repaint the scenario. My father reluctantly obliged to give me this sweater. It serves as a reminder of the similar weather conditions in Toronto. Oh, and my family, too. I mean, the sleeves on this thing are great. Really slims the¬†wrists. I’m serious! Disregard the unprofessional hair elastic on my right wrist. My write wrist. Bad joke. I’m switching up my accessories. This Goody hair elastic is both practical and affordable. It’s always there, except when I need it.


I do, actually, want to focus on accessories in this post. The belt and bag were two of my holiday sale purchases, although I’ve procrastinated and now all holiday sale posts are long overdue. So…this means the look cannot be shopped online anymore. HOWEVER. There is a shot of light in the dark which I have ultimately created. I was recently at Aritzia (meaning last Wednesday), and I spotted both the belt and bag that I feature in this post¬†still in store. So this is a rather (unfortunately) exclusive post. Accessories, accessories! Limited quantities available! In stores only! Contact whatever salesperson is on hand for details. Only at Aritzia! Really, these pieces are the epitome of being “nowhere, everywhere”.


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