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Start Fresh

I get it. The consistency of my blog posts during the month of December sucked. My fault; I was rather uninspired, focusing on final exams (something about a GPA?), and rather annoyed at the bitter cold that I – of my own accord – chose to live in.

It took a week of doing next to nothing and a trip to Sanibel Island, FL (where one can’t seem to get a decent coffee), to realize that I wanted to get this blog back on track.

So let’s start with these jeans. It all began with an episode of self pity (which, in hindsight, was rather unnecessary). This situation apparently called for some retail therapy. Why shouldn’t my wallet/credit card bill share the pain?

With seemingly nothing to lose I stumbled into Brandy Melville, which I haven’t done since the age of fourteen and waterfall skirts were the thing. I debated on this pair for about half an hour, with no kind salesperson to give me an opinion as to whether or not this made my butt look good (I have very supportive roommates and friends who assured me that yes, these jeans were a good decision). I mean, does one size really fit all? Some guy named Brandy seemed to think so. I’m grateful that this pair fit me despite the lack of sizing options, but I hardly thought it fit to promote something that couldn’t appeal to anyone else. Fortunately, on Brandy Melville’s website, there are sizing options for these jeans! And, given the number of compliments I’ve received since purchasing these jeans, their comfort level, and their wearability, I’d advocate these tri-toned classics to anyone.


Shop them here


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