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Tees & Coffee x GEOX




I love a good model off duty look. This month, I’ve had the privilege of testing out my new favourite casual boots by none other than GEOX!

Since getting these boots, I’ve gotten a huge number of compliments from my roommates, friends, and on my Instagram posts. They’re the perfect off duty look when you want to channel your inner top model.

I once considered getting the same style of boots from Frye, but these ones are 100% waterproof. And warm. And breathable. So sweaty socks? Ruined leather? Soaked feet? Not an issue at all with these. They’re perfect for looking good in the Northern climate, which seems to be the eternal struggle I face in Canada.

I can’t emphasize enough how great of a staple these boots are. They go with everything and every type of weather. They’re my go-to!

Shop these at a GEOX store near you (they can’t be found online, but you can view them here!)


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