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#LeBreakfast with Le Chateau







expect to see these fabulous sunglasses in stores this spring!



By 8:30am on a Wednesday morning, we managed to get ourselves hopelessly lost looking for Le Sommet Place Ville Marie, make a call back to MacIntyre Communications in Toronto, and make our way up at least 42 floors to find l’observatoire and be just in time for Le Chateau’s spring collection media preview.

First, let’s talk venues. What a better place to feature what a Montreal brand has to offer than in a space with a 360 degree view of the beautiful (although cloudy) city? The deck was absolutely beautiful, and actually available for tours. Would recommend the view. It’s spectacular.

And the presentation! If the venue wasn’t enough, the breakfast sure topped it all off. Miniature bagels with smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese? I’ll take 10. How many of those equal a regular sized bagel? Unlimited coffee, yogurt parfaits, fresh juice…Le Chateau sure knows that fashion doesn’t really function on an empty stomach.

Now onto the important information: what should you expect this spring from Le Chateau? Florals, florals, florals. The collection was very Pantone 2016/2017 with Serene and Rose Crystal hues everywhere from the actual clothing to the accessories. See that Snapchat geotag? Those patterns will be found directly on the clothing. Honestly, this is Le Chateau like I’ve never seen it before. There’s something for every demographic, not just the office woman that immediately comes to mind. Yes, their impeccably tailored suits will still be there, but expect something a little fresher, a little brighter. This collection is really succeeding in expanding the once limited (from what I perceived) audience that the brand once catered to. You’ll be seeing a spring campaign post from me soon, because I’m too excited to share the pieces with you! (think January, February…something to look forward to in the slump of winter)

Big thank you to Ashley MacIntyre for the invite to this wonderful event. Also, HUGE thank you to Sonya Romashina for waking up at 6:30 in the morning and coming with me!


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