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Replika Cafe

Yummy coffee, yummier baked goods (their pumpkin bread was beyond), and a little Turkish flair is what makes Replika such a hot spot for studying, meeting, or just grabbing coffee in general. It almost seems a little bare bones though. Nothing much characterizes the interior of the cafe, yet people flock to it and always manage to keep the place bustling. The walls are fairly plain (apart from shelves with bags of coffee on it), and the furniture isn’t anything ornate. They have beautiful cups with Middle Eastern patterns that are used sometimes for tea, but not everyone receives them.

This is a cafe that I recommend solely for taste, not for ambiance. It has wonderful coffee, and a broad food menu for all meals of the day. Located conveniently in Montreal’s Plateau on Rachel, the crowd is hip and they keep coming.

There’s a reason this place is always full. I recommend that you disregard the picture that doesn’t do this place justice and just go for the coffee itself.


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  1. ASipoftheCity says

    I’m intrigued – is the sparse interior intentional in a minimalist Scandinavian way, or do you think the owners just didn’t care?


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