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Vintage Haul Part V




This silk camisole is my latest obsession. And while I still love my Reformation one that looks slightly similar, there’s something about the vintage lace detail and the v-neck shape that makes this one a little more fun, a little fancier. I always feel bad picking favourites among my clothing (as if they have feelings?), but this vintage consignment store find takes the cake. Thanks again for never failing me, Act Two Boutique.

So here you have it: a little snapshot of me, by me, loving this top because I can dress it up to go out at night or make it look like I threw on jeans over my pyjamas. See, I am really warming up to this whole pyjama thing. When I’ve got the lazy Monday feels, this top is all I need to fake it like I’m actually put together or something. I’ll take that second coffee though…

So this Monday, to put a little spin on some cliché advice:

May your coffee be strong, your outfit stronger, and your Monday short.

And, I mean, I don’t fuss about makeup (P.S. NONE WORN IN THIS POST, just the designer bags under my eyes), but may the wings of your eyeliner always be even, as well.

Shop similar tops here and here.


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