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Funny story: I almost bought an Acne Studios leather jacket on my birthday this past August. It was a light grey moto jacket with blue undertones, and it was absolutely beautiful. Fit perfectly, looked fabulous, cried a little due to the belief that I’d actually found my soulmate.

I’m pretty sure it’s not actually funny, but I laugh every time I think about dropping two (or three?) grand on a jacket. Yes, it’s a staple. Yes, leather jackets will likely not go out of style in my lifetime (knock on wood). Alas, I am a poor, starving student with rapidly changing taste that I attribute to the behaviour of a generic teenage girl. Not that anyone should think of themselves as generic (But does that, in itself, make one generic? If everybody jumped off a cliff, would it be considered rebellion?).

Instead, I decided to indulge in a Mackage leather jacket from Aritzia. Not that it’s exactly easy on the wallet, but it’s decidedly a much better investment than a coloured leather jacket. With that extra $1500 that I save, can you imagine all of the vintage clothing I can buy?

I can.

The kind sales associate at Aritzia found my Acne jacket story funny (or at least pretended to, in the hopes of succeeding in selling me a jacket that would aid her in filling her sales quota for the next two hours. She did succeed.), and she pointed out that Mackage is a highly reputable, Canadian-designed brand with quality that could near equal Acne’s. She was right, and I fell in love with this Rumer jacket designed exclusively for Aritzia (how novel). So I bought it. And I’ve never regretted the credit card bill that came a month later, though in the moment I felt slightly nauseous.

We may still be in the honeymoon stage, but my Mackage jacket and I are currently living happily ever after. And I will continue to wear it all throughout winter (where it will simply hide under my Canada Goose until I find sanctuary indoors).

Shop Rumer here.


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  1. Megan says

    Ahhh who doesn’t enjoy a happy ending with a piece of clothing! May you and your fab jacket have a happy life together (it’s stunning!)

    Denton & Lou 


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