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Dressing for Institutions in Non-Institutional Wear



This one is named matter-of-factly for lack of a better title. I don’t know how to define this look, but I found a butterfly top a while back from Editorial Boutique and decided to conform to summer fads at the time by buying it. Meanwhile, Mother Nature decided that summer in Canada should last no longer than the first week of September, and a week after my on-a-whim purchase, I found myself at a loss for how to wear this shirt. It sat idly in my closet, longing to be worn. Granted, I could just don it at some bar or club or special event. But that would be doing things the easy way, and I’m never sure how I feel about that. No, for a challenge, I decided to wear this top to school. And I made it conform to some sort of unspoken dress code by layering a neutral crop underneath. A slightly baggy pair of girlfriend jeans (why are they called that, though? In a figurative situation applicable to my life – without getting carried away by the need to be politically correct – does my boyfriend have to steal these jeans from me?) makes the look more casual. Less ready-to-rally. Because in an 8:30am lecture, not everyone has had that fourth cup of coffee. Remember, we have to be slightly sympathetic on the public’s eye at such an ungodly hour. But let’s not let the silk pyjama trend die this fall simply because of the steadily dropping temperatures! I’m just getting started!

Top is from Cotton Candy LA | shop similar oneĀ here



  1. I love your outfit! You are so gorgeous and I love how this post was written! I know it sounds a little weird but I really love the language you use in your posts

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