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Cashmere weather



The weather may have us believing that an early-onset winter has cursed each morning in Montreal, only to leave us sweating and reaching for makeshift paper fans by lunchtime. Since sporting bikinis in the street is not exactly socially acceptable, may I suggest cashmere?

I believe that this deceiving weather won’t last long, and that, realistically, we should take advantage of this Canadian version of fall for the microsecond that it lasts. I mean, I get to wear two outfits in one day, and procrastinate packing up my shorts and mini skirts. A blessing, really.

To clarify, that was a feeble attempt at sarcasm.

So while I thought we were mentally preparing for the cold I thought it would be smart to wear my most comfortable, warm cashmere sweater that I found in the men’s section of a thrift store (Can’t you tell by the endearing amount of pilling? I’m a poor, starving student…please forgive my sustainable shopping methods). As soon as the heat became sweltering (a mere twenty degrees Celsius, but an extreme heatwave in this sweater), I did what only the most rational person would do without stripping: I pulled the sweater off the shoulder.

I’m all for freeing the shoulder. As long as distasteful bra straps are hidden, a bare shoulder is powerful. Enough said. Would recommend trying for yourself.

Shop the look here:

Sweater: similar ones here, here, and here | jeans: Gap (now on sale!) | Shoes: Zara


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