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Zara Mules

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I went out on a whim last week and decided to buy these gorgeous leather mules from Zara online. This was the first time I’d ever been to lazy to actually haul my butt over to the store and physically look for the shoes. In my defence, I’ve learned from many a time spent in the store that I never end up leaving with one thing. It ends up being an unnecessary haul.

Shoes, however, are never unnecessary.

We all know the cliche that Cinderella is proof of shoes’ ability to be life-changing.

I’d like to think that these shoes liken more to an Aladdin-type scenario (re: pointed toes). I bought them because their shape is awesome, and they remind me of classic Celine mules (more on that later). Comfort was definitely not a factor of influence. I can walk around for about two hours in these babies, but after a while I’m just wondering where my magic carpet’s at.

Shop the shoes here | for those of you who own too many black shoes or are really into clogs from Holland and Donald Duck’s beak, there’s a really great mustard pair here!



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