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Cafe Osmo


This place is probably one of the most underrated study spots in Montreal. However, we’ll reaffirm that statementĀ later when it comes to exam season!

Cafe Osmo is underground, and because it is underground you know it’s going to have 10/10 ambiance before you even set foot in the place. It is super spacious and promotes communal sitting, which I like because I particularly hate when cafe visitors take an entire table all to themselves. At Osmo, you can see people do this and make them a little uncomfortable by obliterating their solitary state. Networking at its finest.

The coffee, of course, is nothing less than wonderful; you can usually expect that from any cafe that is intelligent enough to offer cortados. And the furniture! It’s so beautiful, and the baristas probably get enough idiots like me taking pictures indiscreetly while they wait patiently for me to actually pay for my order. In other words: service is good.

This cafe is perfect for purposes of all kind. There were people around me doing job interviews, having meetings, studying (they really emphasize the productive nature of the place), and just hanging out. If you’re just lounging, there’s perfect teal chairs that probably swallow you up upon sitting down, but hey, it’s always fun to test your balance. If you’re not that adventurous, couches may be more suitable to your liking. And the music isn’t blasting, which makes for better studying (although they were playing Matt Corby’sĀ Telluric album. Points for good music taste).

This place is so wonderful, it may even be the new Tommy. If only they served spiked coffee…

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