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The end of summer and the beginning of fall marks a beautiful time of the year where layering becomes more practical and one can avoid sweating for hours after being outside for a mere five minutes.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m from Malaysia. I love summer. Summer is my favourite. But there’s a period from mid-July to August where my conscience tells me that summer lasts a heartbeat in this continent and that I should start buying for fall already because September is just around the corner and suddenly…(takes deep breath)…I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

This is a tendency I’m not proud of. It’s very much a first world problem (however, I have donated my old clothes and recently done a sufficient closet clean out…not that I’m stating that to justify my contributions to consumer society). However, this is an issue for another time.

Re: closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Let me clarify: nothing more to wear in +30 degree weather, which proves another point that I’m addicted to variety and love the idea of discovering new things (read: a euphemism for 21st century child syndrome). So you can imagine the joy I felt when I could finally put my new fall wardrobe to use. Take, for instance, this vintage suede leather jacket I picked up from Act Two Boutique in Toronto. I’m trying to prolong the reigning 70’s trend (how long has it been since they’ve been repopularized? A year? Two?) and this jacket gave off those vibes. Here, I’ve taken cues from Amanda Shadforth (the queen of modern minimalism) and mixed cleaner cut pieces with the jacket. But don’t be fooled; you’ll see me in my bell bottoms soon…

Similar styles can be found at Zara, Express, and House of Fraser, and probably at a vintage/consignment store near you.



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