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Monday Coffee Fix: Petite Cuillère

It’s difficult trying to get back into the Montreal coffee scene on a student budget! Luckily, I’ll be investing in a Montreal equivalent of a metro pass soon, so hopefully I’ll start trying cafes all over the map.

What’s great about Petite Cuillère is its budget-friendly prices and great coffee. No, we do not all need to spend nearly ten dollars to enjoy a good espresso and cake! Most cafe expeditions in Toronto cost me close to that amount, and sometimes there isn’t even enough time or room in the cafe to hang around for a while. This café, however, knows the power of the student market, and provides a large amount of cozy seating space (indoors AND outdoors), a delicious and inexpensive food menu, and generous dessert portions that cost little more than a cookie from Starbucks.

It’s located at Saint-Denis and Sherbrooke, which makes it all the more convenient.

Great for breakfast, lunch, coffee, and studying!


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