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Vintage Haul IV



One of my roommates nailed it on the head when she said, “You know, every time I wear shirts with oversized sleeves, I feel like Keira Knightly.” And it’s true; her tendency towards Victorian-esque, Enlightenment era, not to mention pirate movies projects a very noticeable trend.

With that thought in mind during the day, I was merely trying to walk home from campus when I passed a vintage store and spotted this silk button-down. There were the oversized sleeves, but what really caught my eye was the beautiful, ivory embroidery along both the front and back of the shirt. It gave the masculine, oxford style shirt a feminine quality that created look less Disney pirates and more The Duchess. Or Anna Karenina. Regardless, it made up for the gaudy gold buttons on the front with the small faux-diamonds, but that is a minor adjustment that can be easily fixed if I find myself feeling less lazy.

I also realize that posting vintage finds makes it a little difficult to shop the exact look, but I’ve found that Loéil has a myriad of blouses with oversized sleeves and satin textures. This top and this statement knit are my particular favourites.


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