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Vintage Haul III



I’ve fallen in love with a little designer consignment store in midtown Toronto called Act Two Boutique. It’s an eclectic, jam-packed store filled with all sorts of treasures. Inga, the sweetest store owner I’ve ever met, and she let me play dress up in her store for hours on end. This particular dress caught my eye when scouring through the dress rack at the front of the shop. It’s a Diane von Furstenberg piece that looks a bit like a slightly less A-line version of Liesl von Trapp’s dress when she leaves dinner to meet Rolf.

How romantic!

What I love most about Act Two is the task of having to root through a million of racks and finding such unique, one-of-a-kind items. It’s like treasure hunting. I’ve worked with Inga for the past week on photographing the unique items in her store, because, unfortunately, so few people have the patience for thrift stores. It’s understandable; often, clothing isn’t displayed in the aesthetically-easy manner of regular retail stores, and you can’t shop online. The demand these days for instant gratification is not limited to wifi signals and cell service. Results, in general, are expected so quickly and it’s easy to forget how rewarding it is to spend a little time on something greater. I’ve noticed that I love the feeling of buying clothing that I find in vintage stores more than┬áthe feeling of buying from current retail stores (unless, of course, it’s an investment piece that I’ve saved up for…but that’s another story). It’s probably the thrill of the search that I love best, and what makes this dress so special. Totally over-romanticized, but secondhand pieces have a backstory and an extra special purpose to them.

Check out Act Two’s Instagram account here



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