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Kaffee Haus & Bakery



Queen St. West’s European gem has an almost secret location just north of Davisville subway station. It is – quite literally – a hole in the wall. No wider than eight feet across, this teeny cafe brings some of the city’s most impressive donut display to the North Toronto area, and boasts some of the best coffee in the neighbourhood. Independent cafes don’t exist within about a kilometre radius from the cafe, which means that Bakery & Kaffee Haus fills a high-demand niche in a well-deserved neighbourhood. Never do its residents need to constantly settle for Starbucks again; they have an addition to their narrow variety, and that, indeed, still qualifies as a plurality of options!

Make sure you try out their specialties: cronuts (and for those of us peasants who can’t always put two and two together, that’s a croissant and donut – a.k.a. two of the world’s greatest inventions combined and a rare, peaceful union between French and American cultures), butter coffee (coffee beans are fried/roasted in butter before they are ground and steeped – a delicacy I’ve only experienced once in Malaysia), and Nutella lattes (enough said, although I’m not one for sweet coffee).

Check out their website here!


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