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Babes of Bridge & Bardot



My deepest apologies for the brief blogging hiatus I took last week. I promise I’ve been photographing content, but I’ve been balancing work (which it not fashion-friendly), shooting new collaboration content, confusion over a commercial, and photographing content for a vintage store I’ve befriended.

I’m a little sleepy from everything.

But, I’m so excited to be a Bridge & Bardot ambassador! If you don’t already know of them, they are an online boutique that sells trendy, revamped vintage clothing for an affordable price. I absolutely love these oversized overalls that make me feel like a retro child of the summer. If it were fully acceptable to wear Calvin Klein bras alone underneath, I’d do it.

Another time.

When you shop Bridge & Bardot, make sure you use the code ‘sasha.mei’ to get 15% off your entire order!

You can shop my look here. Also, I’ve got my eye on this crop jacket and this fur coat for fall.


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