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Hot Black Coffee




Hot Black Coffee, get your hot black coffee…

I’ve been meaning to check out this new spot on Queen West (super close to Osgoode station) since the beginning of the summer, but never actually got around to it.

It’s impossible to miss the cafe. The exterior is painted a bright firetruck red, and the large front window clearly shows off the clean, contemporary design inside the cafe. It’s enticing.

I’ve never been so overwhelmed by the amount of choice in a single cafe. They have pastries and treats for every kind of taste bud and plenty of food intolerances (gluten free this and that…), and for all coconut water snobs like myself, they have Jax coconut water. We are all saved.

So if you don’t feel like wandering many miles before finding a trendy cafe as you exit Osgoode station, walk a block or two and try Hot Black Coffee. If these pictures don’t convince you, perhaps their coffee will…



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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely writeup!
    Come back soon, and please introduce yourself.
    ❤️👍🏻☕️ from @hotblack_coffee


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