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This was the look I wore to the Penguin Random House Publisher’s event celebrating the launch of two much-anticipated books: The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner, and The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. For Banner, this was her first debut adult novel; she was a precocious adolescent published by the age of sixteen, and years later she’s graduated into the grown up world of bigger and better things in the literary scene. As for Close, if her name sounds vaguely familiar it should: she wrote Girls in White Dresses, which graced the bestselling shelves at Chapters for a long period of time.

You can’t imagine how awkward and nervous I felt to meet these two intelligent individuals. I mean, what if I used slang? Excuse me, jargon. Would I be cast out from the community of intelligentsia discussing the last Michelin star restaurant they attended, courtesy of the chef himself?

Apparently this glamorous lifestyle I anticipated is not widely experienced by too many bestselling authors…either that or Close and Banner are extremely humble about how profound and prolific they are. They’re teachers. Banner lives in Italy (c’est la vie, but don’t make me repeat that in Italian). They were smiley and cheerful and good at listening to me stammer about their essays that I read prior to the event (in a frenzy to read up as much as I could on their work without having to spend any money…and the library proved useless). They made the nervous wreck that I was feel welcomed. It was either them or the wine. Maybe the wine. Or both.

At least I wore something nice! I’ve been meaning to wear this Oak + Fort dress to a summer event for ages, but couldn’t seem to find the right one. The simplicity of this dress paired with minimal mules made for an all-round statement look that qualified as appropriate in an office-function environment. The mop on my head that is my hair is an entirely different matter. That will be a matter saved for another time.

Until then, shop the shoes here.


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