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Vintage Finds: Peter Max


Is it surprising that playing dress-up has been a favourite pastime since forever? It started all too long ago, when I would sneak into my mother’s closet (indiscreetly, mind you; she knew every single time due to my failure to return things to the proper pile, or failure to return things at all). She worked in the retail industry, owning awesome retro Guess clothing before it became too Gina-esque for my taste. I remember wearing her shoes around the house as a little girl, an ominous gape separating my little feet from the backs of the shoes, not letting that hinder me from clonking around in them. Now, I have to try squeeze my half-a-size-too-big feet into her Gucci shoes out of sheer determination (or desperation?).

My mother has been the most influential style figure in my life, no matter how many fashion magazines I dare to spend my paycheque on. So it also did not shock me that I would become so engrossed with the vintage store on Queen Street West that is Mama Loves You. It’s an endless treasure hunt! It’s also run by a mother-daughter duo, which further fuels my admiration for the store. I found this collectable Peter Max shirt sitting idly on a rack filled with frilly 1940’s style shirts, looking out of place. I needed a slouchy pullover, but now I had one that doubled as a conversation piece and collectable. Multitasking, in my opinion.

Clearly, mothers know best.

More vintage haul posts to come!



  1. Love your outfit! I always love to shop on queen street really cool shops down that way. Check out my blog if you would like, venuseudora


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