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Photography: Derek Liu | Styling: Sasha Mei

Rules were made to be broken, especially in the fashion world. I’d like to accredit this look to an ambitious and fearless photographer, a wonderful pair of shoes, and some multifunctional scarves.


This look is based off of broken rules. Firstly, a great big thanks is in order to, who inspired the #MadeToBeBroken campaign in anticipation of their Queen Street West store opening at the end of the month. I’ll see you all there.

Now, more about this look and all of the rules I broke.

Derek is an ambitious photographer. He is talented with his lens, and once he has a vision, little will get in his way to achieve said vision. We styled this fall-ready look and shot in a location that was 30+ degrees Celsius. Rule broken: dress for the weather. Flare trousers are baggy to keep you cool, right? Or at least looking cool? Totally summer appropriate.

I had to take it a step further and change up how I wore my scarf. Instead of looking like a flight attendant, I used it to belt these awesome trousers that are currently on sale (see below article for details). Try out different ways to wear your accessories! This scarf also works splendidly as a head scarf.

This look was tied together with these gorgeous Clarks mules from They’re so comfortable (I’ve worked five hour shifts in them, fairly easily), and I was so impressed with the selection of shoes available on ShoeMe’s site. Since they acknowledge that shopping online for shoes isn’t necessarily everybody’s gig, they are in the midst of opening a store that will feature a wide array of shoe brands from their website. You may know them from their American website, These mules are perfect for any occasion, be it work, play, or casual (yet another societal expectation broken: wear heels casually…but hey, I do that too often already). They’re an essential staple for all snow-less seasons, and making a huge comeback for summer and fall.

Shop the look:

Shoes: | Top: Aritzia | Pants: Aritzia | Scarf: my own (try Mama Loves You Vintage!)


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