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I think that what pleases me mot about this outfit is the fact that I bought the dress years ago in my early teens, and it still fits. Somewhat fits, at least. I recently saw a link for an article on a blog that I can’t seem to find now that read something along the lines of, “I tried the douche uniform for a week and here’s what happened”. There was a part of the attached photo to the link that caught my eye, which pointed at a girl’s “unnecessary felt hat”. It was hilarious. This, I concluded, was witty and true and very much a typical blogger’s uniform. Sounds like something from Man Repeller.

Anyway, it inspired this outfit because I felt the sudden compulsion to incorporate this unnecessary accessory into my outfit. Because, as my mother points out wisely, a felt hat is useless. Hats, theoretically, shade one from the sun. Sun is most prominent in the summer months, but what good is a hat made of warm material in the sweltering heat? And by the time fall and winter roll around we’re either sick of wearing other wide-brimmed sun hats at the beach, it’s too windy, or it’s snowing and it’s toque season.

Quite the dilemma. Conclusion: fashion, like public pools and getting splashed on by driving cars in the rain, is not always comfortable.

Today, however, was not sweltering heat. I forgot my sunglasses, which resulted in the need for some mobile version of shade. I had hideous-looking hair after Pilates class. Thus, my mother was proven wrong, if only for once. My once useless felt hat suddenly – ironically – became necessary. And it looked alright.


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