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Baka Gallery Cafe

I was exploring the Bloor West Village and Kingsway area after showing up for work two hours early and lacking anything better to do.

Close to Runnymede station, I found a beautiful art gallery and cafe called Baka. This place has thought of everything: their coffee menu was created by coffee celebrity Sam James, and they offer bakery goods as well as a food menu for those in the mood to dine restaurant style. Upstairs, they’ve created a large gallery/lounge space that’s designed to accommodate work, office meetings, congregations of multiple people…

I was mostly in awe of the beautiful wooden tables that were scattered about the space. They were large, made of varnished planks of sawed trees. You know the ones I’m talking about. It exudes sophistication and delights coffee lovers and workaholics alike.

They’re also available as an event space. Like I said: they have thought of everything.

Check them out here


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