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I’ve observed recent tendencies of reverting to the concept of “slow living”, where we embrace the virtue of patience and take time to enjoy even the most microscopic seconds.

This is rather paradoxical.

An element of truth that dominates this kind of lifestyle is seen in the fact that it results in the appreciation of simple pleasures, of purifying ourselves down to enjoying meals made from simple ingredients and indulging in the most simple of pastimes. Like knitting. Unfortunately, urban life does not always permit the luxury of simplicity.

I’m perplexed by this observation. Why should simplicity be costly? Or rather, how? After watching Michael Polland’s documentary Cooked, I’ve realized that simplicity is difficult to obtain because it involves a high time cost. And not everyone has time. I consider myself lucky to have several days off each week to relax and really enjoy my summer, as well as prepare meals in advance for days that may be rushed. However, Toronto is a bustling urban city filled with innovative workers, and for them time is money.

Ritual is a brilliant app that seeks to provide people who are constantly on the go with quality food from all your favourite places in the city. I went exploring and walked 12km in total today to get pictures for a blog shoot. Lunchtime rolled around, and a simple order was placed on Ritual for acai bowls and smoothies at The Good Press in Yorkville. We could browse the entire menu on the app as well as scout other restaurants/bars/cafes/bistros in proximity, and we could even include a note for any special orders. The order was completed at the click of a button, at the convenience of my credit card having been previously connected to the app. Seconds later, my phone gets a text that says my order should be ready in about five minutes, and that I should leave now to get to The Good Press on time. This is the beauty of the app, that you can get an estimate even before you order as to how long the food will take, which allows you to take your own precious time into account. And letting you know when to leave your location/desk/building? Well, that’s just genius. If you think so as well, you should consider the tip option that the app includes in each order’s summary.

Ritual’s focus is reflective of its name, and that is to generate a relationship with a place you frequent often for takeout. Be it a cafe, or bistro, with Ritual they’ll know your name and face. You can easily access previous orders on the app to save time with decision making. And there’s more than just juice bars and cafes; many restaurants like Jack Astor’s are even included. As long as they do takeout.

Ritual saves time. It lets you create time. Perhaps now you can enjoy what you eat during your busy day.

#MyRitual #RitualRewards


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