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Sasha & Industry Active





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As a classically trained dancer, keeping my body in shape has always been imperative. However, living a clean and healthy lifestyle was never something I embraced until after I went to university and experienced the craziness of typical first year experiences. Somehow, as a teenager I think of myself as invincible, and that my body can cope with whatever happens to it.

Not quite the reality. It took me far too long to appreciate my body as an instrument, something that is capable of so many things. That’s something that I took for granted in my dancing years, something I only began to really take into account when I began running. I found joy in running because I was completely in control, and I found gratification in knowing that it took loads of self-discipline to motivate myself further. Dance had instilled that discipline in me; running helped me to grasp its benefits.

I was ecstatic when Industry Active contacted me to do a collaboration. They are a Montreal-based company that merge two of my passions: fashion and an active lifestyle. Sometimes, what you wear to the gym can be that little extra boost of self-confidence that pushes you an extra mile. Industry Active does just that with bold designs that are as eye-catching as they are effortless and comfortable to work out in. And I did a test-run for everything: their clothing is light and doesn’t weigh you don’t while you sweat. You don’t notice their presence, which benefits your workout immensely.

Industry clothing is currently available for purchase through a catalog, which can easily be emailed if you request one via the contact page of their website. They’re working on their online store, but I still found it extremely easy to place my order via email. Their customer service is superb, and shipping is VERY quick especially since it comes from Montreal. Check out their website here!


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