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Mattachioni Bakery

I was exploring the west end of Toronto after exchanging a package when we stumbled upon a little gem in the midst of a tired looking patch of Dupont St. This was Mattachioni, an Italian style bakery locally known for its wood oven pizzas and delicious spicy peppers. What I love about it is the sense of organized chaos: the decor is reminiscent of a Terroni restaurant in a more effortless way, and they have literally everything. There’s a little menu at the cash that I nearly missed, but that’s where you’ll find a complete list of everything available to eat and drink. They make spicy peppers that go with everything from eggs to the fresh bread they make and sell, paninis, and every kind of espresso drink you can name. And Nutella biscotti. That is very important. They also have a little produce section, where you can find locally grown goods (and Ontario strawberries!), à la Europe and their tradition of buying only the freshest ingredients.

Everything is delicious, and I wish it were closer to downtown for convenience’s sake. But if I ever find myself further west than normal, then I will, hands down, return here. And there you go, your weekend coffee fix.


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