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Off-Duty Equation








Photography: Amy Yu

I’ve gotten off-duty outfit styling down to a simple science that permits ample leeway for clothing piece options, all while maintaining the illusion that you rolled out of bed, got ready in ten minutes, and still looked amazing. It’s like cooking: all you need is a recipe.

Sasha’s Simple Off-Duty Uniform

This look was passed down to me through styling tips accumulated over the years from my mother, Pinterest, and all of the top models since the 90’s. And now, I am sharing this not-so-secret combination for you in the hopes that you’ll realize how stupidly easy it is.

You will need:

  1. a shower
  2. tinted sunscreen
  3. hairbrush (optional)
  4. brow pencil
  5. highlighter (either powder or multiple stick)
  6. denim bottoms
  7. white t-shirt (slightly oversized preferable)
  8. vintage belt
  9. statement booties
  10. killer, oversized sunglasses
  11. bomber jacket


Take a shower. Get your hair wet. This look requires a fresh start, and what better way to get that fresh face than with an actual shower? After, put on only tinted sunscreen for  foundation and fill in your brows. Add highlighter generously to your cheekbones and the high points of your face. The key is the no-makeup makeup look, but the highlighter is always key because it creates a dewy look. Only after that do you brush your hair if you so wish. Or go French and leave the mop on your head alone to give off the I-had-a-crazy-night-but-I-look-sexier-than-you vibe. Put on the white t-shirt, preferably braless (bralettes will do). Put denim bottoms on on and carelessly tuck t-shirt in, then tie everything together by fastening the vintage belt on the denim bottoms. Ideally, the belt has a rad buckle.Wear booties, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing shorts. Put on bomber jacket and disregard the temperature outside. The best bomber jackets are ones from a vintage store so you can annoy everyone that asks you about it by saying, “Sorry, it’s one-of-a-kind”. If temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, tie the jacket around your waist or wear it as a cape.

Finally, place sunglasses on head in whatever weather/time of day in order to really feel like a famous person off-duty. Hide those tired eyes.


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