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For work yesterday I kept things simple in an all-black look. However, I added a vintage gold chain that once belonged to my grandmother to make the outfit more interesting. This statement accessory has been popularized by the likes of Rihanna, and designers like Alexander Wang have incorporated the boldness of the chain accessory into their latest jewellery collection. It’s elegant, yet bold and screams confidence.

Since today was about five degrees chillier, I opted for sleeves with an Oak + Fort dress that I borrowed from my sister. I love how this style is put together but not too tight-fitting, so I don’t appear overdressed and can flatter my figure at the same time. It’s almost hobo-chic, if you will.

I’ve recently become very into pairing vintage pieces with something clean and modern. I find that the juxtaposition is visually striking, and layering vintage jewellery is always eye-catching. It’s so unique. It’s difficult to replicate, but – forgive the platitude – there’s beauty in individuality.

Dress: Oak + Fort (similar style here)


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  1. You look amazing! Super stylish with an edgy touch. I have one neck chain just like that and I love pairing it with a total black outfit. In fact, I couldn’t think of a better way to pair golden accessories 🙂


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