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Smithery Style Outfit








Photography: Amy Yu | Styling: Sasha Mei

Myth: horizontal stripes make one look obese.

Actually, I think this one is more of a paradox; one should be careful with the size of the stripes and the structure of the clothing item, and they don’t often look good on a casual oxford shirt (pinstripes are what’s acceptable here). Essentially, one has to be a bit picky. The process of finding a piece of clothing with horizontal stripes can be a little more individualized: it completely depends on the person and what suits them best.

Technicalities aside, the reason I really wanted this shirt was because Man Repeller told me I needed one. And Leandra is highly convincing, especially in her articles that describe, step by step, exactly how to be cool. The intricate process involves a letter jacket, skinny cigarette jeans, black booties, and a striped shirt.

I repeat: a striped shirt.

If Leandra says I need a striped shirt, I absolutely must need one. The situation becomes one of survival rather than desire when Leandra prescribes her daily dosage of fashion. And she’s so witty, her readers (myself included), eat it all up.

I put a twist on Leandra’s insta-sophisticated outfit apparently in time for yacht season, which we all know does not apply to me until I become rich and famous. I mean, this look is also appropriate for looking like a chic Londoner who can manage heels for hours on end. Her smile says she’s loving her shoes, but her eyes scream HELP.

No toes were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

Enough rambling. The moral of the story is that we should all own a striped shirt to cultivate our inner captains, which eventually leads us to feel more empowered, which leads to the greater good. Owning this shirt is for the greater good. It’s classic, versatile, and currently available on Smithery Style, which gives you a fun guide to shopping for your body type! And if you click the link below, you’ll see a throwback photo of me wearing this exact same shirt.

Until next time…

Shirt: Smithery | Bottoms: Bishop & Young |


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