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Fika Cafe



I never explored Kensington Market enough when I lived in Toronto during the school years. It’s a place I have a newfound appreciation for, especially after I went to Fika cafe on Kensington St.

I seriously plan on becoming a regular here. During my days off from work, expect to see me huddled in the back, blogging away and replying to the 1238734598 emails in my inbox (That’s a lie, I hate having unread emails, and I always clear my inbox before I sleep and when I wake up. This is merely for poetic effect).

It’s a Swedish inspired cafe, and the name Fika is literally a Swedish verb that means “to go out for coffee”. Highly appropriate, if you ask me. The cafe is so spacious with a front patio, front indoor section, back indoor section, and backyard patio complete with a hammock. The back indoor section has a wall entirely covered with book remnants, which an English lit gal like me absolutely loves (although I hope they were loved and read at one point before being put up for display…).

May I recommend some of their available pastries? Their flourless lavender brownie is delectable. I know, sounds fancy, but it’s absolutely not health food. Calories = delicious points, and it’s so so so worth it. It’s no wonder the owners of Fika have opened an Italian restaurant with even more yummy food called Piano Piano (slowly, slowly) that I plan on trying out immediately.

Check out their website here.

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