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Sashion Summer Photoshoot

This past week, I had the opportunity to be an assistant stylist on set for Sashion’s summer photo campaign. I’d originally landed the commitment by telling Sasha Xiao (founder of that I was willing to volunteer my time, and I never expected that I would be given such an important position!

Shoutout to Sasha: THANK YOU! I AM HONOURED.

I learned about all of the hours and effort of preparation that’s put into a small portion of the production of a clothing campaign, and I only got to witness a minuscule portion of it. There’s hours of preparation before the shoot that goes into look-booking, clothing selection, model casting, location scouting, and scheduling…let alone the countless hours afterwards that consists of selecting, editing, and formatting photos before they are actually published for the public eye to scan past it and think that’s nice.

I was a part of the ten hours that made up the actual photoshoot day, where the main action happens. We started early in the afternoon, working non-stop at each location until almost 11pm. Truly, it’s a labour of love, but one that is exhilarating and rewarding nonetheless. Sasha even let me take over the Sashion snapchat!

Here’s a little photo diary of that day, and the clothing featured will be featured in June!

Models: Crystal (Elite), Jacqueline (Elite) | Photography: Vai Yu Law






  1. can’t wait for the final images this looks great:D where’s this location if you don’t mind me asking?


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