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Sanuk Spring Shoes





Everyone needs a good pair of lazy shoes. It’s like Man Repeller and #sleepleisure, except here we’re only concentrating on footwear because I still cannot get over how pajamas have become acceptable – let alone FASHIONABLE – to wear in public.

Sorry, Marc Jacobs.

When Sanuk first gained prominence on the market, I never took that much notice in the brand, maybe because I felt they were too similar to TOMS or that I was particularly invested in finding shoes that were at least three inches high.

Premature bunions and callouses later, I can say I’m ready to try something perhaps a little more comfortable.

But honestly, I would hate to sacrifice style for the mere purpose of happy feet. Call me crazy.

So when Sanuk contacted me and invited me to look at their spring collection, I was skeptical. But the company has broadened their designs to appeal to even the most picky of fashionistas, especially the ones who go to yoga on the side and love the squishiness of yoga mats beneath their feet (me.)

And now I think I’m in love, because with these slides that have soles actually made with the same material as yoga mats, I’m walking on a yoga mat wherever I go. What a novel, genius concept. I’m so impressed with what Sanuk has done with their products. They’re laid back, comfortable, and do not sacrifice style whatsoever. They’ve reformed this Spring, and they’ve brought their A game.

Check them out here!



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