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I had the honour of receiving an invitation to NYX Cosmetic’s #NYXClassOf2016 event this past Thursday in celebration of their Eaton Centre store opening, and I’ve never felt more like part of a Gossip Girl Episode.

First of all, when I received my invitation I almost didn’t believe it. I mean, NYX Cosmetics is pretty big. They’re an L.A.-based company known for their amazing yet affordable cosmetics, and my¬†friends that have substantial knowledge of cosmetic products (a.k.a. everyone but me) were all like YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS EVENT.

So I did!

2016-05-12_21-14-06And it was supa fun! The event was hosted at Berkeley Church on Queen St. East, a beautiful venue popular for weddings, but an interestingly glamorous place to host societal gigs. I’m no debutante, so I wish I did my research beforehand to figure out who was actually at the event, but there were very prominent makeup artists and social media figures there! If there weren’t an open bar, I’d give business cards to everyone there. My people will call your people.

So as soon as we get to the venue we see all of these pink limos (for the VIP’s of course), and there’s a pink carpet and wristbands for the bar and everything is so PINK and just like this sentence I’m absolutely overwhelmed. The venue was complete with the cutest cookies shaped like lips passed around by caterers, cosmopolitans, an #OOTD selfie mirror that printed out photos, another photo booth (pictured above), a Snapchat geofilter (also pictured above), a really kind coat check guy named Richard that knew us by the end of the night because we kept going to drop off more MAKEUP in our bags. Oh, and the makeup. I wish I knew earlier that the products in the makeup kits were up for grabs, and I only knew near the end of the event, but there were at least six cases filled to the brim with NYX products. I’ll have to do a separate post on that, but I managed to snag a highlighting palette, brow liner, brightening pencil, and about 7000 lip products.
FullSizeRender-3And at the end of the night, NYX ensured that they had just created an unforgettable evening with pleather gift backpacks filled with a GIANT makeup palette complete with bronzers, highlighters, blushes, and several dozen eyeshadows. So, in other words, I may not have to buy makeup for a long, long time.

They sure do know how to make a lady feel like a queen.


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