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Toronto Story

Sunny Day-5.jpg

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Photography: Kasra Rahmani | Styling: Sasha Huebener

Everyone in Toronto has a story. We come from all over the globe.

I moved here when I was four. While I have vivid memories of my birth town, I was raised a Torontonian. I remember first living downtown by OCAD and seeing its crayon-like architecture each time I left the apartment. There’s the usual restaurants, hangout spots, secret gems that I use as landmarks rather than street names. Toronto lets you immerse yourself in the city and simultaneously embrace your history. I’m still from Malaysia. I had a really wise English teacher once who said that Chile was his country, but Canada was his home.

Malaysia is my country. Toronto is my home.

Toronto Story is a student-based sweater line that sums up the collective variety that Toronto is through the artwork on their sweater. It is the buildings, places, and skyline that ties all Torontonians together, places that we’ve all seen and recognize and instantaneously allows us to claim this city as our home. We may all come from different places, whether from around the world or around the city, but we are united by the vibrance and dynamic of the place we all live in.

I’m being so cliché. You should definitely check out Toronto Story though. They’re far more poetic.

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